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How to deal with Stubborn Child: An Incredibly Easy Method

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Is stubbornness is a type of disorder or is it comes from parents?  The answer is NO, it is Is an acquired trait. Parents get a little confused on how to deal with stubborn child. Even stubborn children is a challenge for parents as getting them to do even basic chores like eating a meal or going to bed is like a battle for them. Parents unknowingly encourage iron-willed behavior in children, by bearing or encouraging their tantrums.

The question arises then how to deal with the stubborn child? The best way to deal with them is to show him that his behavior doesn’t work. The question arises then how to deal with stubborn child? The best way to deal with them is to show him that his behavior doesn’t work. To understand “ How to deal with Stubborn Child”. Qriyo went to Nisha Jain Grover for her expert opinion.

Nisha Jain Grover is the Founder and Director of Vatsalya Legacy Pvt Ltd., Jaipur. She is a renowned Counsellor Psychologist, Educationist and among the 100 successful women of Rajasthan. Through her Foundation, she works with children having various learning disabilities. Her work in the special education field and also creating awareness about these disabilities have won her various awards. She combines her degrees in English, Psychology, Education to create high-energy, intense workshops and training programs. She has trained over 20500 teachers, 500 doctors and counseled over 10,000 parents in different educational institutions.

Often, stubborn kids are apt to power-struggle with their parents. However, it takes two of them to have a power struggle. Don’t attend every argument! Parents can avoid power- struggle by helping the child feel understood even as the parents set limits. Try accenting, giving choices and understanding that respect goes both ways. Stubborn kids aren’t just being difficult. They feel their oneness is compromised if they are forced to do other persons will. If you permit them to choose, they would love to cooperate.

Tips on how to deal with Stubborn Child

  • Listen to them, But don’t argue

    Communication is a two-way process. If you want that your child should listen to you, starts listening to him first. But remember “ONLY LISTEN”. Don’t get into an argument with him.

  • Don’t force them

    Let us understand this by an example:  forcing your 5-year-old child, who force on watching t.v past her bedtime. Don’t force them to go to bed instead sit with him and show interest in what he is watching. When he sees your care, he will likely to respond.

  • Give the option to choose

    Give them options, not directives. But too many aren’t good either. Instead of telling him not to do a particular thing, tell him that you should do this or other things instead.

  • Stay calm

    While handling your stubborn child stay calm. Don’t shout at them during an argument or a talk. Calmly deal the situation as well as calmly deal your child.

    I hope this blog of mine was helpful for the readers to understand introversion.

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