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Tips about how to deal with Teenage Problems

Abhipsa Panda 0

Got to parent a teen? Well, kids can mold as per nature and the nurture. However, these kids when developing into this age called the teenage, they start facing many issues. And why just they, the parents moreover, have to deal with their teen’s tantrums. Meanwhile, parents assume that since they themselves too have been through this phase in their lifetime, it’s easy to pass the same parenting to their kids too. It’s noteworthy about the fact that there is this major factor that proves them wrong. Finally, today’s crowd defines it as the ‘generation gap’. Therefore I have chosen to write about how to deal with teenage problems.

Generation gap actually arises when parents begin assuming that their kids too think similarly to them. As a result, they give rise to expectations. The kids on the other hand, when fail to satisfy these expectations, create ‘teenage problems’ for both the generations. So, due to this issue is much prevalent these days. Reason being that India is a developing nation and things are henceforth evolving too with time.

How to deal with teenage problems with effective solutions:

1. Teens’ disagreements to parent’s decisions~

How to deal with teenage problems

Probably all parents dislike it when their kid disagrees with their decisions. Maybe because the teen has a justification to that. But, if you finding the justification absurd or you correct, certainly you would like to impose! Consequently, you make a mistake. Never Impose. That leaves a negative impact on the kid. They act arrogantly too. Rather, you can find soft ways to keep your word.

2. Cyberspace addiction~

how to deal with teenage problems

In this world full of easy access to things over the internet, almost all kids are making space for themselves there. They find pleasure being virtual over the net rather than spending time with actual people. Before I tell you the solution to this, have you ever wondered why this is happening in the first place? Many would name the advancements. Unfortunately, that’s again a misconception. Humans are superpowers. Therefore, they can overcome the pleasure that internet provides too! The solution is giving their kids a comfortable and happy environment. The consequence will be that the kids won’t get attracted towards virtual world.

3. Rejection shown by kids to parents~

how to deal with teenage problems

Yet another common teenage problem. Parents often complain about kids not confiding in them. This is probably because friends act to be more understanding to them. Solution to this again is either to wait for the stage to pass (with monitoring). Or being a friend with your kids rather than a parent. In fact, this method is helpful, as per the statistics, giving you another tip about how to deal with teenage problems.

 4. Drug abuse~

how to deal with teenage problems

The most common behavior in the list of teenage problems is drug abuse. Teenagers find drinking, smoking or being into drugs very trendy. Unaware of the fatal consequences, they follow the crowd. Hence being parents it calls for them to divert their kids. In a pursuit to this, parents should monitor their kids’ behavior, their activities etc. Along with this, education about the ill effects of this practice should also be passed on. If the parents still find denial, strict punishments can also serve aid.

5. Bullying~

how to deal with teenage problems

Another very common among the teenagers is bullying. May it be cyber-bullying or being bullied by the people, bullying somehow find space to depression. The worst part is that this bullying can have adverse effects and sometimes suicide too. Hence the elders must take special care to avoid bullying happening around. In addition. The kids must be taught how to handle such situations. One more step parents must possess is diverting their kids’ time in teaching them self-defense. Keeping the kids under the right guidance also helps well.

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