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How to get Maths tuition near me? Find Out the easiest way!

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Maths is a common weakness among children. I remember facing problems in fractions like the bigger among 2/3 and 3/5. Actually, there is no harm in disliking a subject. However, if you don’t want to study maths just because you face issues solving them, that’s wrong. Let me tell the parent readers out there, all the kids are math-persons. I know it is quite difficult for the parents to believe me but read further as I prove my words. Also, let me tell you the advantages of Maths tuition.

How to find Maths tuition near me

The common teaching method, especially in India, rellies in rote learning. And the fact is, we cannot apply this kind method for all the subjects. A fixed mindset about a kid is either weak in maths or strong in maths, with no in between, this is wrong. Growing up, I realize we focus more on scoring good marks rather than visualizing concepts. Research says that the kids labelled weak in the childhood itself tend to underperform throughout their lives. Whereas, those praised for their maths skills, they grow up with a ‘growth mindset’ in their lives. Therefore, the key to help your children with maths is by encouraging despite their performance in exams. Maths tuition is a great way of such encouragement in case you are parents aren’t finding the time.

Find Maths Tuition near you

You may also refer to a previously written blog by me namely ‘Why maths is so hard and how to prevent future setbacks for your child’. I am sure you will gain further insights to avoid problems caused by maths. You may also join Qriyo, India’s first managed home tuition app. Qriyo is pronounced as Kriyo. It is derived from the Hindi word “Kriya” meaning activity. We are a one-stop solution for your learning needs in Academics, Yoga, Dance, Music, Art & Craft and Languages. We provide tutors at your home in a tap. Just tell us your requirements via our website or app, and get the perfect tutor at your home.

Also, Qriyo offers you a plethora of other courses that you can learn at home. We have Home Tuitions for English, Science, Maths tuition, French, Biology, Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Italian, Commerce, German, Spanish, Accounts, Sanskrit, Economics, EVS and Social Science. Other than these, you will also find tutors right at your doorstep just in a click for so many life skills too! Then what are you waiting for? Rush to our home tuition website or simply download our home tuition app. Follow the very simple steps given below in the pursuit.

  • Download the Qriyo app: One stop solution to all your home tuition needs.
  • Answer a few quick questions: Let us know what you need, Qriyo’s matchmaking algorithm will provide one perfect tutor within 24 hours.
  • One perfect tutor is matched: No need of browsing endless profiles, No hassle, No haggle, Read about Guru matched & confirm for first class. Yes, we background check each of our tutors before they meet you!
  • Schedule your first class: Pay the registration charges and schedule the first class with Qriyo Guru.
  • Start learning: We take pride in 97% satisfaction rate, still, if you are not happy with Guru we will rematch.
  • Our service will be tracked support: Track your progress, regular attendance, hassle-free renewal & online payment via Qriyo App.

Below are the exclusive benefits that Qriyo offers:

  1. Money back guarantees if you don’t like the teacher.
  2. Real-time attendance update in Qriyo app to avoid conflicts.
  3. 100% course completion.

Are you still not sure if we are available in your city or not? Match your city with the list below then!

  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur
  • Pali
  • Kota
  • Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Delhi
  • Ajmer
  • Chennai
  • Surat
  • hyderabad

We also welcome if you want to become a Qriyo Guru. Just click on the attached link and we will guide you forward.

Afterall, a study by Karay et al., says that 90% of students perform better in private tuitions. Then what are you waiting for! Join Maths tuition by Qriyo now! Also, a trick to a cheerful life is by learning new skills.

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