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How to Increase Your Child’s IQ?

Anirudh Sharma 0

We all want our kids to be Intelligent and super achievers, to make them smart and talented read this blog on how to increase your child’s IQ. Improve your child’s concentration power, memory, intelligence and make him more focused. These 5 points can make your child smart, sharp and increase his IQ.


Play Games to increase IQ

kid playing scrabble to increase IQ


Encourage your child to play games such as chess and other strategy games. Every game of chess is different from the previous game, this helps your child to look and think for the problems with a new angle and makes him learn to solve a problem in several ways. Strategy games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Sudoku, Crossword etc makes your brain think and exercise brain cells. Playing games is a fun activity and can increase your child’s IQ at the same time. Playing mind games helps to increase your child’s problem-solving abilities and reasoning skills. Solving quizzes and puzzle games makes your kid’s brain sharp and keep him alert, on whole games which require your child to think will help in improving his mental skills.


Learn Foreign Language

Learn Language to increase IQ

Learning a foreign language has proven benefits for concentration, memory and intelligence. Understanding a new language becomes very complex for our brain, it is a good brain exercise to learn any foreign language. Knowing any other language makes your brain buffer several times in a day and makes it sharp which helps in increasing your IQ. It has been proven that people who know any other language than their mother tongue have higher IQ compared to others who just know a single language. Making learn your child a new language can help him increasing his IQ.

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Yoga to increase IQ

Breathing exercises and meditation helps our mind to get stable, yoga teaches several techniques to find inner peace and relax your mind. Your stable mind leads to better decision making and helps to make your brain sharp. Our mind controls our body so they are interconnected, to keep our mind sharp we need to keep our body fit. Doing regular yoga increases blood and energy circulation in our body. Yoga also helps in improving your concentration power which also leads to better IQ. Doing meditation helps your brain become more creative, your brain starts thinking creative stuff. So try doing yoga for a smarter and healthy brain.
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Learn Music Instrument

Music to increase IQ

Learning a musical instrument can be a fun activity which can also increase your IQ. According to a research playing a musical instrument is equivalent to solving a maths question. Many parents want their kids to learn classical instruments whether they like it or not, as it makes their brain sharp. When you learn a musical instrument your brain starts coordination between your hearing and controlling abilities. It is highly recommended to learn a musical instrument at an early age which can be a fun activity and increase IQ at the same time.

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Solve Maths and Logical Reasoning

maths to increase IQ


Solving Maths and Logical Reasoning helps our brain to respond fast, which leads to better IQ. More you solve questions your brain become more creative and focused. Solving maths problems increases your speed and concentration which leads to better IQ. So engage your child in solving Maths and Logical Reasoning questions to increase his IQ.
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