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Want to make physics interesting? An expert’s opinion

Mandeep Gill 0

There are two types of people, the ones who love physics and the ones who don’t. If your child falls into the latter category, then you need to take some immediate measures to make physics interesting for them. Why? you ask! Because, even if the person doesn’t necessarily opt to pursue further studies in science, a basic science aptitude is a must have, especially when the technology is moving now faster than ever. Even commerce students should be able to cope with the changes in technology and understand the science behind various gadgets. Plus, if the child is not exposed to physics on the right time/age, it is obvious he/she won’t develop an interest in it and will never pursue it. Who knows, maybe that child had the brains to do something commendable in the field of physics/science, but he/she will never find out without the right exposure.

Why don’t kids take interest in physics?

That being said, let us first look at the main culprit behind the lack of interest in physics. It is none other than the deadly combination of our education system and the parents’ indifferent nature. Together they make a recipe for disaster. Our CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) system indeed encourages the activity-based learning, but what about the accountability? What about the fact more than 95% of students prefer to purchase the science projects and not make them themselves. School teachers are well aware of this fact but sadly it becomes a workload for them to keep a check and encourage self-made projects. The only area CCE is contributing toward is the revenue of radio markets.
And what parents do? They either make the projects for the kids or when they try to make them and give up, they just go and buy it from the radio market.

Physics is about building things and making them work, and definitely not about memorizing the definition of a generator and the steps of its working.

– Mandeep Gill

Meet Dr. Devendra Kumar Punia (Co-founder and CEO, Projects for School)

make physics interesting

Dr. Punia did his B.TECH from MNIT, Jaipur, and then went on to pursue a fellowship in management studies from MDI, Gurgaon. Having taught in various reputed institutions such as FORE school of management, LBS, Delhi, and UPES, Dehradun, Dr. Punia has a profound experience in teaching. He has also held top positions in corporate organizations such as Wipro and SPUR (Support programs for urban reforms).

Last year, Dr. Punia co-founded with the sole aim to make science fun and interesting for students of all age groups. He believes if we want to make physics interesting for children, then we should teach them from the very beginning. A child’s mind is a curious one and if we keep astonishing them with interesting things, they will develop an interest in them.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. 

– Carl Sagan

Qriyo went to interview Dr. Punia and got insights into the major reasons why kids don’t like science these days and how can we make make things better. Do check out the full video interview of Dr. Punia below:


By analyzing the core problems of lack of exposure in science, he came up with an idea to encourage project building in students of all age groups. Through his startup projects for school, Dr. Punia provides the equipment needed to make a school project. Since there are lots of equipment needed to make a single project, sometimes a student and parents find it difficult to assemble the parts, and they finally go and buy the ready-made product. At their website, you will find almost all science projects according to the age groups of children. You just have to buy the DIY (Do it Yourself) equipment kit which also contains a guide to build the project, and teach your kids how it’s done.

So how to make physics interesting?

The solution to make physics interesting is to encourage kids of all age groups to keep asking questions, keep breaking stuff, keep experimenting and building new things and understanding how things work. Encourage DIY (Do it Yourself) projects and your kid will definitely develop a science aptitude. 

– Dr. Devendra Kumar Punia

Don’t forget to watch the full interview of Dr. Punia where he shares his story as to why he started Projects for school and what he aims to achieve from it.

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