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How to motivate children to study and score well?

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Does your child stall studies? Well, they are children, who need to be reminded time and again, the importance of studies. If you feel your child studies for 2 hours take rest for 4 hours, then you need to know how to motivate children to study.

Incomplete homework, lack of clarity on new topics, the unnecessary pressure during exams, and lagging behind the class. These things, when combined is a recipe for disaster for your child’s future. Why do you think a majority of students today do not like math? Because it probably started with algebra in 6th grade who they didn’t pay any heed to. That escalated in 7th, 8th, 10th grade and now the child feels maybe this math isn’t for him. This doesn’t just happen in math, with yearly advance to next grade, the syllabus gets advanced too. And to understand that completely, you must know the basics of the previous grade and avoid lagging behind the class. Therefore, you must know how to motivate children to study and score well.

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Here are some useful tips on how to motivate children to study

How to motivate children to study


  • Make a study schedule

Whatever is being taught at school, you should be aware of it. Make a study plan with your child while considering their inputs (so they don’t blame the plan later). It should include short goals to be achieved in the set time. These short goals together will complete the whole syllabus. Put that study plan on the wall of their study room. The plan should include dates, topics, revisions, etc. With one goal achieved, check the corresponding box on the schedule.

When the child knows exactly what he has to study for the day, he will be motivated to finish that so that he can have the rest of day to play, or pursuing hobbies, etc. When they study without a plan, you and they both do not know how much is enough and what area should be focused on. A plan will include all areas (weak and strong), timely completion, as well as motivation to complete as soon as possible.

  • Introduce Rewards

Making a plan and sticking to it are two very different things. You can’t always blame the kid for not following the set plan as all humans are not very good at these things. What we need is a reward. that’s why companies have incentives for employees. A reward can be anything, which you can give to your child when they complete one short goal on time. This will motivate your child to study.

While checking the short goal box on the wall, you can mention whether it was achieved early, on time or late. Early completion and on time completion would attract maybe an extra 2 hours of TV/Play, or their favorite dish. I’ll leave the decision to you. Also, late completion can result in the reduction of future rewards.

  • Appreciate them for the good work

Appreciation is what motivates us to push harder. When you perform exceptionally well at work and your boss doesn’t appreciate you, you won’t feel like working that day. Good work or not, you’ll eventually stop caring because you’re not getting the recognition that you deserve. Similar is the situation with kids, so you should always appreciate their work in studies. Tell them that they are so intelligent. When you were their age, you took 3 days to understand this topic but they understood it in just 1 day.

By appreciating them, you’re setting the bar high, they would now work harder so that they don’t let you and the good words down. Appreciation is an addiction, the more you get, the more you crave. It is not a rocket science to know how to motivate children to study, just put yourself in their shoes and you’ll know exactly what they are missing.

  • They must know why they are studying

Studying is not something a kid should do because all the other kids also doing it. Your kid must know the importance of studying. Now you can explain to them in your own way, just make sure they understand. Studying is a step by step process for not only advancing in studies and someday becoming an engineer or doctor, but also for becoming a better person. Your personality development, knowledge enhancement, and exposure will set the path for success.

  • Have a good discussion with them

While studying, sometimes children feel parents do not understand them and just keep on telling them to study. A meaningful discussion will show that you care about what they do and how they feel. When you’re aware of the circumstances and their situation, they feel your support. A discussion will allow children to share the challenges they are facing in studies. Once you know what the challenge is, only then you can proceed to come up with a solution. Lack of discussion can translate into piling up of problems and failing to achieve those short goals. In order to motivate your child to study, you should let them know that you’re with them.

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I hope this post helped some parents to know how to motivate children to study and score well. Stay tuned for parenting tips from the bloggers at Qriyo.