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How to reduce work stress and health issues

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In this world, so advance, there come many responsibilities. One has to work very hard to make a living. And at the workplaces, there are deadlines, and goals to achieve. Therefore, a little amount of stress occurs. However, such stresses can pile to cause a higher intensity of work stress. Sometimes, even work stress can be chronic and cause many health issues to a human being. In such a case, it is necessary to learn to deal with stressors and shoo them away as soon as possible. Afterall, health stands as the first priority.

Actually, stressors can be many falling into the categories of environmental, social, personal, etc. Well, the biggest factor that stimulates work stress in this generation is the sedentary lifestyle. I am sure, many among us are already doing things to cope with work stress. However, I would today like to tell my readers about some physical exercises for an extended help. Even clinicians suggest these steps, hence read and follow them very carefully!

Exercises to get rid of work stress

  1. Yoga asanas:

No doubt, yoga is a great gift to mankind. Moreover, it is an art in India. It focuses on stretching and other such physical exercises that have many health benefits. So I am going to list for you five such yoga asanas that shall help you with your everyday stress.

How to reduce work stress


  • Garudasana: It may not seem to be an easy one, but it includes many benefits. As shown in the image, this asana soothes the nerve endings and relaxes the mind. The best part is, it also improves concentration to a great level.
  • Uttanasana: This easy exercise improves nervous system and fills the person with lots of emotional energy. One needs to close the eyes and follow the image for a minute.
  • Balasana: The easiest yet the most relieving exercise is here! It demands the doer to pose like a small child. It doesn’t require much of energy and also helps get rid of work stress.
  • Vajrasana: Well, here a bit of varied style of sitting is implied. This position in the following image is also known thunderbolt position.
  • Supta Baddha Konasana: It basically says to open up and relax all the parts of the body that hold stress. It includes hips, inner thighs and groin. Also, it involves closing the eyes, so that one can relax and meditate. In the process, the entire body feels good.

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2. Zumba dance is great for stress release

How to reduce work stress


Consider this, one day you go for running, as you know that physical exercises kill stress. But, you run alone, and you start thinking about your life and it again stresses you. On the other hand, you join a Zumba class, and you pay your all attention to the instructor. This way you don’t have a chance to think about work, plus the exercise is so enjoyable. Body movements with the rhythm of the music lets you cells to rejuvenate.  Moreover, it keeps you fit and healthy.

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3. Aerobics

How to reduce work stress

Scientists prove that aerobic exercises improve sleep, stabilize mood, decrease tension and overall improve self-esteem. Therefore, aerobics that involves dancing with many sorts of body movements to be a great way to deal with stress. It spreads happiness and stimulates anti-anxiety effects. Therefore, make sure you practice at least 10 minutes of aerobics regularly.

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