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How to study better at home- Know what Scientists say!

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Studying is a very essential part of life. Moreover, the children are often asked to revise at home all that is taught at school. Am sure like me, many of you dislike doing that many times. In fact, it is not a wrong thing. I now realize that revision is really important. Therefore, today I have come up with 10 very useful tips to study better at home. And when I say useful, trust me, I have tried them all and found them helping me out!

10 ways to study better at home

  • Find for yourself a suitable environment: Listen, you don’t have to stick to just one place to study. Keep changing your positions. You may choose the lush green garden for once and you can also study in your living room for the next. Just make sure you are in a good mood to study and the place is quite. Researchers have said that the background of the mind plays a very important role in retaining things.

How to study better at home


  • Set a routine:

The psychologists have long ago proved that a topic when heard in the classroom stays 100% in our minds for next 24 hours. However, we start forgetting things and the count reduces to 80% the next day. Hence it is beneficial to revise whatever learnt in classes the very next day once and once after 7 days of learning. This way, the data stays in our memory for a longer duration.

  •  Test yourself:

When at home, we have time and nearly no one to disturb us. We can do our best to keep ourselves at ease and therefore, it becomes easier to prepare. Prepare yourself to be a master at whatever learnt. In the pursuit, practice tests are useful. It will help us know our weaknesses and how far have we come. Remember, it is one extra effort that separates winners from losers.

  •  Join the dots:

Do you realize that is the difference between slow learners and quick learners? The quick learners have trained themselves to connect to whatever they are learning. One more similar concept is the ‘Semantic learning’. It says to memorize things by relating them to our things already in our memory. Hence train yourself now to connect and relate instead of cramming.

  • Behave like a teacher:

Scientists say to study better at home, and also to boost your confidence, you should try teaching yourself! Imagine students in front of you and start teaching them. Just as you won’t like missing out on even a single information to deliver to your pupils, you will learn your subject more precisely.

How to study better at home

  • Stop multitasking:

These days with the new technologies, we think sitting in a room with our phones is no harm. Somewhere or the other, our concentration deviates and we tend to forget what we learnt. Therefore, to study better at home, make sure you are away from all the social media. Also, many people like listening to music while studying. Please don’t do that. It affects our memory in a long run. Rather, do both the tasks one by one.

  • Don’t focus on a subject for too long:

What happens is that upon studying the same subject for a long period, our mind gets tired soon. Thus we are unable to concentrate on other chores and feel lazy. To study better at home, scientists recommend avoiding this at any cost.

  • Understand your biological clock:

Our body is accustomed to certain times of the day. Just like we feel dizzy during the afternoons, and energetic by the evening. This is all due to our body clock. Experts say to learn about them first and only then set a routine for yourself.

  • Take breaks:

Have a break, have a kit kat! Hahaha, well, I ain’t promoting anything, but all I need to remind you is to take regular intervals during memorizing things.

  • Exercise and Relax:

Apart from all the above tips to perform during studying, it’s also very essential to have a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is one such exercise! Have a proper diet, exercise regularly are do not panic. Be confident and this is how you study better at home.

How to study better at home


Well, this is exactly how the winners have shown up. More importantly, scientists recommend them so they have to be true. Go for them and here is one more help to keep you bound to the tips. Visit Qriyo website now or simply download the Qriyo app to find an array of different kind of activities that are taught by professionals, at your home.

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