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Importance of right school for your child

Mansi Mittal 0

In this highly competitive environment of today, where everyone wants to pass with flying colors SCHOOL plays a very important role in a child`s life. It not only provides them academic excellence but also shapes them as a person, with various activities. Here are some reasons, you should choose the right school for your child:

1. Academic Excellence

Well, pretty obvious right? The first aim of the school is to provide quality education to students. Various schools have developed new and advanced ways to teach the students, helping in their better understanding of the topic.

Importance of right school for your child

2. Co-curricular activities

For better development of your child, co-curricular activities play an important part. Activities such as dance, drama, singing etc. not only keep a child stress free but also helps remove stage fear and develops confidence.Importance of right school for your child

3. Sports

It is very important to keep your child physically fit also. Sports are a fun way to keep your child healthy and fit. Many pieces of research have shown that Intensive exercise improves the academic performance of teenagers. Not only this, sports instill a feeling of sportsmanship and team spirit. These things help one in the long run.

Importance of right school for your child


4. Values

” The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” , says William S. Burroughs. In the end, money won`t matter, what will matter is the fact that how good a person you are. School is called the second home, and home keeps your values and morals high.

Importance of right school for your child

5. Friend Circle

Many strong friendships and relationships are made in school. So, it is important that your ward is surrounded by children of good values. Peer influences a lot of decisions a child makes in life, hence, a good surrounding is as important as anything else.

Importance of right school for your child

Schools should not be judged just on their exam results, but on the quality of education, the values they incorporate in students. Moreover, how a child will turn out by going to that school.

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