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Understand the importance of soft skills in your life

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Gone are the days when one just had to simply show off his resume to land a job. Today, the interviewer asks, what else? No piece of paper can save you from that question. In that moment, if you manage to convey your message in an effective manner, you’re in, otherwise, you’re out. Creative and effective communication is a soft skill among others that differentiates you from the masses. Not everyone can impress people with their words, body language, attitude, confidence, etc. But those who do are a sure shot next generation leaders. Regardless of what your area of expertise is, soft skills are required in these times. This post will throw some light on the importance of soft skills so that you can start to improve yours from today.

Following are considered as soft skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Creativity
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Collaboration
  5. Adaptability
  6. Learning from criticism
  7. Working under pressure
  8. Positivity
  9. Management

Importance of soft skills in one’s life


importance of soft skills


  • Your qualification is of no use if you don’t have soft skills

Imagine a lawyer not being able to speak or make a point. Or, imagine a gym trainer not being able to get clients despite being the most knowledgeable. Instead, a newbie trainer got a lucrative deal, because he portrayed himself as a talented and capable trainer. There are thousands of such examples, the point being, if you’re not able to tell people that you are the right person for the job, they are not going to give you the job. Persuading people is an art you must learn.

Not just effective communication, you should also have a problem-solving mind and the ability to work under pressure. These qualities are what employers are looking for, if you’re good at these, there is not stopping you from going ahead. You must realize the importance of soft skills in today’s increasingly challenging environment.

  • The existing work environment requires higher interaction than before

If we look at the work culture from a decade ago, employees showed very little participation in generating new ideas, creativity, conversations, and just focus on their daily tasks. Today, along with your job description, you are also required to analyze and solve different problems, create new ways to do traditional tasks more effectively and efficiently and prove to be a valuable asset to the company. This requires frequent discussions, conferences, presentations, and what not, every single day of your work life. Our ecosystem is moving from a centralized to a decentralized one where everyone has access to infinite opportunities of putting forward their ideas, it is just up to them how well they leverage these opportunities. If you can get people to listen to you, your hard work won’t stay unnoticed.

  • Ability to work under pressure

This ability itself is a soft skill. By not letting your boss’ harsh words mess with your head to be able to finish your work effectively and efficiently is a skill every employee must have. A majority of entry-level jobs today come with a certain degree of pressure. Bosses deliberately put pressure on newcomers to test their performance. After getting a good scolding from your boss, you lose your focus that day, you start to think, “after everything that I have done, this is what I get in return”. If you are a salesperson, that scolding will take a major toll on your performance. You won’t be able to interact with your customers with a happy face. As a result, fewer conversions that day.

But, the person who takes a lesson from everytime the boss yells, and then just forget the whole thing and not let it mess with your rest of the day is a person that attracts the attention of the boss. He is definitely up for subsequent promotions and a bright future in the company.

  • Soft skills: A rare talent

Every person can get the right qualifications required for a job, but not every person successfully equips himself with soft skills. As students, we usually think studying and getting good grades are our top priority, the rest can be done at a later stage. This thinking restricts talented people to acquire soft skills on time. These skills are really hard to develop and take time. By simply doing a course on personality development for a month won’t get soft skills. Only by applying that knowledge on a regular basis will enhance your soft skills. That is exactly why we should encourage students to take part in debates, discussions, clubs, etc. Along with academics, an equal focus should be on extra-curricular activities for an overall personality development.

If you are college and want to start now, you can join various clubs such as Toastmasters that help you to develop leadership and public speaking skills. This talent sets you apart from the masses. Being a rare talent, demand for this is obviously high and will always remain high. The world always needs good speakers, good listeners, problem solvers, and creative thinkers. These people can land any job they like, on the other hand, people with only qualifications written mentioned in a CV tend to struggle.

How to develop soft skills?

If you realize the importance of soft skills, then expose your children to a variety of extra-curricular activities at a very early age. You need to understand that studies are only 50% of your preparation for future. New generation’s employers look for a person who can get the attention of listeners, solve problems, work under pressure and also listens well. Right from the school, encourage your child to take part in debates and as many other activities as possible.

You may join clubs, keep building your network, meet new people and exchange new ideas. It is your lifestyle that should involve these things, which will ultimately help to develop good soft skills. Always know this, a person with good soft skills and less qualification can get a good job, but a person with no soft skills and high qualification may struggle.

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