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A pro Yoga Teacher’s thoughts on Importance of Yoga

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An exciting Interview with Gajendra Singh Parihar on the importance of yoga and its benefits.

Mr. Gajendra Singh is currently working as the Vice-President of Qriyo. He is a graduate in Bachelors of Science in Physics, Electronics, and Maths during the session of 2004-07. He has a whopping 12 years of experience in practicing Yoga and has completed his degree from S-VYASA. Mr. Singh is also a convener of World Yoga Day in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Learn what Mr. Singh believes about the importance of yoga for students as well as for all people.

YOGA- is a journey of the Self, through the self, to the self.

The following was an interview session of Mr. Gajendra Singh held by Mr. Rishabh (COO, Qriyo).

RISHABH: From past few years the popularity of Yoga is astonishingly increasing. Many forms of Yoga are popular these days like Patanjali Yoga, Foreign Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga ( Hot Yoga, Power Yoga). So, how are these forms similar and different in terms of effectiveness and ease of doing?

GAJENDRA: See if we mix sugar and orange color in water it becomes Mirinda. Similarly, if we mix brown color instead of orange it becomes Pepsi or Coke. Same in the case of Yoga ‘Pranayama’ ‘Dhyana’ is the base of yoga. These are represented in different forms. These forms are aimed at fulfilling certain purposes. Hot Yoga has a different purpose than Patanjali Yoga and every form starts at a basic level and we advance with time.

RISHABH: Today’s biggest problem is ‘Obesity’. Can we get rid of obesity by yoga?

GAJENDRA: True! Today’s biggest problem in obesity and it is due to two reasons that are Self-Control, Stress. People who are under stress or suffering from stress will either eat more or will eat less. Both these cases are not good for health, slows down your metabolism and encourage obesity. I would say, a combination of good eating habits and consistent Yoga will make you lose weight and get rid of obesity.

RISHABH: Going to Gym has become a trend and everyone has a gym membership. If we see gym and yoga equally, which one is better in your opinion? Will youth get a better result if they shift from Gym to Yoga?

GAJENDRA: As I have said earlier, what you really need is a good eating habit that should take care of all the nutrients your body requires. If one is already doing that, then he/she can opt for Yoga to stay fit, active, energetic and calm. Or, he/she could join a gym if their aim is to shape their body as per their will, build muscles, etc. But, people should not go to the gym thinking it is the only way of losing weight, and they should not waste their time doing cardio at the gym. Not that I am against cardio, but you don’t need a gym to do that, that is just lack of knowledge which you need a solution for.

RISHABH: This one’s a very important question. Why it is necessary for a child to join yoga? What is the importance of Yoga for students?

GAJENDRA: When I was studying in Bangalore a research was going on on children. 100 children were given Mathematics questions to solve an average time was being calculated. After they were done, they did Pranayama, Kapalbhati, and AnulomVilom and again given mathematics questions to solve. The new average time of solving questions was less than the previously-recorded time. Kapalbhati speed boosts the mind and is a mind booster. Many parents do this with their children.

RISHABH: When we start doing yoga, we find it difficult to beat distraction. So how can we concentrate on it and do it on regular basis?

GAJENDRA: To get your mind engaged fully in Yoga is an art a Yoga teacher masters. A beginner should get a yoga teacher at home who will make sure your mind does not anywhere else than it is supposed to. A good yoga teacher will direct you to think of those exact things which increase your alertness. After attaining a certain level of mind alert and effectiveness, you will be able to perform yoga seamlessly.

RISHABH: If I would have only 15 min. What type of yoga should we do to recharge ourselves?

GAJENDRA: We should do Omkar Jap for at least 2 minutes. Surya Namaskar (all 12) for 3 minutes, Kapalbhati for 3 minutes, AlulomVilom for another 3 minutes and Brahmani Yoga for 4 minutes.

Following these beneficial tips of Mr.Gajendra will surely make some difference in the daily life of people. Importance of yoga will only make sens once you start doing it. Wait no more, start today!

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