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How To Improve Grammar for Better Communication

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We live in a global village. The nations throughout the globe are interacting with each other. Our Honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji himself visits different countries to make our nation be known and the citizens of India become ‘global citizens’. This arouses our moral duty to effectively interact with people across the world by being proficient in languages. English is the most commonly used language to communicate across the world. Therefore, being efficient in the same is of utmost priority. May be that is grammar or that be spoken skills, every parameter must be taken care of to be an excellent speaker. Not just English, one needs to improve grammar skills to learn any language.

Below are few reasons to improve grammar:

Effective communication

Effective communication helps one to express themselves. Consequently, society as a whole gets developed. Barriers like language, culture, creed etc are eradicated.

Leadership qualities

One gains the trust of people along with learning to authorize people.Thus, development occurs in an organized manner.

Personality development

Personality development leads to better job possibility, and many other life skills.

Content more readable

improve grammar

in this world that is so much techno-savvy, its necessary to confront the content in a expressible and understandable manner. grammar helps one do so.

Education is more feasible

One is able to grab the knowledge imparted by education in a better way along with getting good grades!

We saw how useful communicating with a correct grammar is. This fact can be illustrated further with the following example:
1. Let’s eat Grandma. Dinner is ready.
The above sentence consists errors. The right grammar will be-
Let’s eat, Grandma. Dinner is ready.
2. The car costs 5 lakhs, I am going to buy it.
This sentence too contains errors. The correct form will be-
The car costs 5 lakhs, and I am going to buy it.
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Grammar stands the foundation to good communication skills. Since no is perfect, one must keep learning new upgrades too one done with basic grammar learning. The competitive world welcomes only those who prove to be a boon to the society. This is well exhibited in the interviews these days that focuses not on academic qualifications but on how the individual is presented. One must speak such that will leave an effective impact on the listeners. Not just that, good grammar will fetch children flying colours during their examination!

Let us now look at some tricks that will nurture the grammatical skills:

Read newspapers, magazines, blogs

improve grammar

Reading helps one with their tenses. Reading builds confidence to speak fluently. Also spellings can be learned.

Listen to good speakers

Listening is one of the most important aspect of communication. It will not improve pronunciation but also stress and intonations too.

Take part in public speaking activities

Addressing people builds confidence. along with that, stage fear is eradicated. Peoples’ review helps to improve.

Assign yourself a tutor

Experience teaches a lot. Experienced people will by teach not just sharing life experiences but also by making sure their student doesn’t commit similar mistakes. Qriyo provides experienced home tutors for grammar and personality development skills. So download the Qriyo app now.

Practice voice modulations, dictions, the pace of speech

improve grammar

Practice makes a man perfect. The ‘speaking to the mirror technique’ is the best for the same. Focus on phonetics.

Read dictionaries

Vocabulary improvement immensely supported by dictionaries. Phonetics are mentioned in dictionaries.Spellings, yet another most important grammar part, can be taken care of.

Practice tongue twisters

Practicing tongue twisters will definitely improve your Fluency and flow of speaking. You can easily get some interesting tongue twisters over the web


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