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Indian Parents vs US Parents | Things to learn by US Parents

Abhipsa Panda 0

Parents irrespective of any country, believe in doing the best for their kids always. They learn parenting skills from the society they live in, and the way they see their parents raise them. However, there are some pros and cons about every style of parenting. Today I am going to discuss some tips that I felt Indian parents must learn from the parents of US. Actually, the reason behind is that I see a mixture of both western and Indian style of parenting in India. Smartness is in conditioning by filtering out the best ways from both the styles of parenting!

Some statistics of Parenting goals in both the cultures:

According to The Times of India, 51% of Indian parents goal for their kid’s successful career, which is among the highest. In contrast, only one-fifth of the parents of US aim for the same. Rather, they wish their kid to be happy by letting them choose their own career options. 18% parents want their kids to join the IT firm which again stands the highest among other countries. With this, 91% parents aspire for their kids to pursue higher studies which in comparison to the US is 31% higher!

This is just about kid’s careers, there are lot more aspects to look upon when talking about parenting skills. Somewhere our India is peaking while some aspects rank higher in the US. Hence denoting one single style of parenting the best is not right.

Pros of Indian parenting Style:

  • Indian parents help their children to remain grounded to the Indian cultural heritage.
  • They prefer to be vigilant over their kids, by indulging in their life decisions.
  • They are protective, supportive, dominating and believe in growing up with the society.
  • Indian parents teach their kids well to respect elders, customs, duties and responsibilities.
  • Indian parents believe in healthy diets and have a larger variety of food as per a research.

Pros of US parents:

  • Right from the pregnancy, parents attend birthing classes.
  • Kids sleep separately right from joining nursery class.
  • Parents after a certain age of their kids, don’t feed them. In fact, they have proper norms of food habits according to their kid’s age.
  • US parents decide a strict schedule for their kids.
  • US kids learn financial independence after turning 18 irrespective of how rich his/her parents are.
  • The parents are more broad-minded and science-oriented. (unlike Indian parents believing in blind beliefs)

We came across some positive points about both the styles of parenting. I would now like to emphasize on my title, i.e. Things Indian Parents should learn from the US parents. First of all, as I raised the point that husbands should be allowed to attend the delivery. Next is the way the Americans are let to work for themselves is something worth following. This not only makes them independent but also exposes them to the coming challenges. May that is house chores, be that working during the summer, or part-time jobs while graduating from college! The US does this tradition very right. Apart from this, the kids there are let to passionately choose their careers. There is no biasing regarding interests, passions and earning.

No matter what, I am not raising a criticism as not getting raised like the US, however, if I get a chance to, I would like to implement these changes in the society. We provide this implementation along with many other in the form of Tutors, on a tap, at your doorstep! to join us, Visit or simply download our home tuition app now.