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10 interesting facts about mercury for kids, it’s not the hottest

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Mercury, the closest planet to the sun in our solar system has a lot of interesting facts that will blow your mind. I will share with you some of the interesting facts about mercury that you might not know.

Mercury has 38% of earth’s gravity – One must wonder maybe there are on the wrong planet that is why people call them overweight. 

Top 10 interesting facts about mercury

  1. Mercury is the most cratered planet

    Looks life mercury likes to pick up fights with asteroids and meteors from time to time. Research shows that a 100 km wide asteroid hit mercury 4 billion years ago that created a 1545 km giant crater on it. Similar small and large craters can be seen on its surface suggesting the impacts from objects from space.

  2. Mercury does not have atmosphere, and that’s why it is not the hottest planet

    Despite being closest to the sun, mercury is not the hottest planet in our solar system. Because mercury lacks atmosphere which can trap heat, it does not attract lots of heat from the sun. That makes Venus, the second planet in line, the hottest planet.

  3. Mercury has a weak magnetic field

    Mercury has a magnetic field that is just 1% of the strength of the earth’s magnetic field.

  4.  Cold at night, like really cold

    Without the atmosphere, mercury goes down to – 180-degree Celsius at night.

  5. Mercury is the Smallest planet in our solar system (if we don’t consider Pluto)

    With a diameter of 4879 km, mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Notably, the Earth’s diameter is 12742 km.

  6. 1 day at mercury is 59 earth days

    Yes, you read that right, Mercury’s rotation is slower than earth’s, which takes it 59 earth days to complete 1 day. If you always complain about having less time in a day to do all your chores, then maybe you’re on a wrong planet altogether.

  7. 1 year at mercury means 88 days on earth

    Being just 57.91 million km away from the sun, it takes mercury just 88 earth days to complete revolution. Meaning, you can a new year at mercury in less than 2 days there. That surely gives you plenty of opportunities to fulfill your new year resolutions, right? And of course, an excuse to party every 2 days.

  8. Mercury has the second highest density among the planets in Solar system

    Since mercury is made up of heavy metal and rocks, one cubic cm contains 5.4 grams of weight there. Making it the second highest density planet, Earth being the highest densest one.

  9. A planet with a very big core

    Earth’s core consists of 17% of the planet’s volume, while mercury’s core takes up 47% of the volume. Its big iron ore core is supposed to be a molten core having high quantities of sulfur.

  10. There are only two missions that visited mercury

    In 1974, the Mariner 10 and in 2004, the Messenger visited mercury. The messenger flew past mercury 3 times and finally joined it’s orbit in 2011.

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interesting facts about mercury

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