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A Psychologist’s perspective of an Introvert Personality Type

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Parents often struggle to understand and figure out how to support their introverted child in an extroverted world. People often believe that an introvert personality type is a little weird and uncomfortable to talk with. And, an introvert personality type person also likes to stay alone as much as possible. But, there comes a time when you have to speak up, take a stance, make a point, and express the thoughts. Let us understand the concept of an introvert personality type with a child psychologist.

Introversion is a type of an Extraversion personality traits. According to Carl Jung theory, an introvert is a person whose interest is generally directed inward towards his own feelings and thoughts. Having an introverted nature is not a bad thing. An introverted child is a bunch of shy cold fish-they is proven leaders who can make a great difference. Interestingly there are some examples of introverted people who are truly successful. J.K. Rowling (Writer), Ema Watson (Hollywood star), Albert Einstein (world renowned Physicist who developed the theory of relativity), Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates (co-founder and chairman of Microsoft). So, to understand this in a better manner Qriyo went to get an expert opinion from Nisha Jain Grover.

Nisha Jain Grover is the Founder and Director of Vatsalya Legacy Pvt Ltd., Jaipur. She is a renowned Counsellor Psychologist, Educationist and among the 100 successful women of Rajasthan. Through her Foundation, she works with children having various learning disabilities. Her work in the special education field and also creating awareness about these disabilities have won her various awards. She combines her degrees in English, Psychology, Education to create high-energy, intense workshops and training programs. She has trained over 20500 teachers, 500 doctors and counseled over 10,000 parents in different educational institutions.

Being introverted is not a choice but a real personality trait. Introverts are normal children they simply deal with people differently and draw energy from alone time rather than socializing. Introvert often take pleasure in activities such as reading, writing, fishing etc. They enjoy spending time alone and find the least interest in spending time with large groups of people, but they may enjoy interactions with close friends. The most important and significant issue is Trust: A merit of importance to introverts is choosing a worthy companion. They do the single activity at a time and like to observe the situation.

Sometimes parents are also responsible for child shy behavior. According to Dr.Nisha, when a child is born parents teach them several things and emphasize them to show it to others (i.e.: relatives, neighbor, etc.). At times the child doesn’t want to show or feel shy. Then also parents force them to do it. So, when neighbors or relatives or any other comes, therefore to avoid that forceful situation child prefers to go inside the room. Parents should understand the child. They should not force them and should except the fact that their child is introvert and extrovert. And should appreciate it. Parents should give them separate space.

Having an Introvert personality type does not mean the person won’t succeed. She just needs the right exposure to talk and make a point whenever required. 

Some important points for Parent’s to keep in mind for supporting their introverted child.

  • Understand Introversion
  • Grasp the Silence
  • Avoid labeling your child
  • Help your child to figure social scene
  • Help your child to be themselves

I hope this blog of mine was helpful for the readers to understand introversion.

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