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Is home tutor a right option for you?

Shivam Pandey 0

Can’t perform well in studies as you used to do before? Want to gain that shine once again? Okay let’s do it then. But how? Searching for a remedy? Wait, is a home tutor right option for you? You may confront yourself with such questions at times when you are not able to perform well or handle huge syllabi.


Same thing once happened with my friend Joe. Joe was a meritorious student. He secured first position in a row from 1st standard to 5th standard. But as he went to 6th, his performance started declining. Within a year, he was out of top ten students in the class. He knew that it was becoming tough for him to handle new curriculum and badly required some assistance. But he refused to opt for a home tutor.


Sometimes students want to go as it is, without any changes in their styles of studying. Joe faced the consequences in the form of declining performance, but I am sure that many of you will take it as a lesson to make good decisions within the right time.
Here are few points which will help you in deciding, whether a home tutor is the right option for you or not:
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1. Are you able to devote time for a separate tuition?

Time management and prioritisation are two major components you need to consider in your daily routine because the day will always be of twenty-four hours and you have to deal with academics and other stuff within that time. The moment you feel it harder to maintain your daily routine and the moment it becomes tough for you to revise the topics which you had studied way before, these factors are clear indication that a tutor will be right for you. He will make your study habits more efficient, set your priorities based on your goals; he will assess you in right way, giving you individual attention and waive off your hard time.


2. Availability of alternatives:
Many times people studying in good colleges are provided with ample services which can be used by them in clearing subject related hurdles. They are provided with study centres, library options, online forums for subject related discussions and doubt clearance, etc. But if you do not have such facilities or these facilities are not helping much, then do not worry, a tutor is All-in-one package of all these services that will assess your priorities according to your goals.


3. Does he have all the credentials you are looking for?
Health and education are two major aspects which should never be compromised with quality service. Talking about the latter one, while choosing for a right tutor, make sure that he belongs to the same background to which your subject belongs. If this is not so, the inheritance of concepts will be weaker and you will ultimately land up into a pool of shallow concepts. So make a choice for a home tutor only when there is the availability of right person with appropriate knowledge.


4. Make sure you don’t lose your track:
Are you heading towards our goal or trying to do something new? Shoot yourself with these questions and have a check that you don’t lose your track towards your goal. You need to determine what you need to accomplish and when you want the results. This will help you know whether you are walking up on a right trajectory and if hiring a tutor is turning a good decision for you.


5. Is he economical?
Money is an important factor which you cannot ignore simply. Reputed tutors charge big amounts from students. If you are financially weak, you need to reconsider your decision of hiring a tutor and go for other alternatives. But is it possible to get a good tutor at an affordable price? Yes it is, all thanks to Qriyo,


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