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Lazy Youth and How India is wasting billions of man hours every day.

Talha Anwar 0

We Indians, are one of biggest procrastinators because of our indolent nature. The reason for this is not in our genes but our lifestyle and life choices as we had the most hard-working ancestors.  Today, people have become more lethargic.

To buttress my analogy, I would like to cite few cases. For example, it is seen that the remote sales team of many companies find ways to not work diligently but fetch full month’s salary. Many people prefer government jobs for the reason of no work pressure and relaxed work culture. Pays in National Rojgar Guarantee Program are often distributed without any work being done.

Even the blue collar job workers like plumbers, mason, carpenter, electrician, etc would sit idle for few days then to work at a lesser price. I used to think, if these guys reduce their pricing, they will be able to drive much more business, but later I realized they really do not want to earn more, grow – they just want to earn enough to sustain themselves

We have relatively fewer aspirants who want to work for learning and growing. High salary delusion without right skill set or no skill at all, has resulted in an entire generation of unemployed, carefree youths. They are just wasting their time in search of gold at the end of the rainbow while daydreaming.    

In India, 89% of graduates  have no work experience in any industry. Whereas, in US & Europe, a graduate try to earn their own livings and pay for their college tuition fees. They gain experience and living by working in industries, businesses, Hotels or setting up small startups. They don’t shy away from any work experience be it distributing newspapers or mowing lawns Any work experience is an experience.

Without this work experience, Indian youths often wonder what is  the right job for them. People remain unclear about their goals in life. Many who would get placements from their campuses, but after working for few months they would realize that this is not  what they wanted. Hence, they may burn out as they are not passionate about the work they are doing.

All of this could be avoided if each individual starts doing internships or working part time wherever they find any opportunity. Once they know how particular industry functions, even if they don’t like it, they would know that they aren’t meant for that particular industry. Today, students  in spite of having a valid degree struggle to find the relevant job and when they get an opportunity, some may decline the offer just because the pay or working profile might not match their expectations. They fail to realize that if they are not getting selected for their degree, probably they are not a right fit.

May be the problem of unemployment is artificial in many ways. If the youth just starts off with whatever job they find but keep looking till they find the right thing for themselves, it would give them experience and would gift India many more man hours. Maybe this is the reason Japan could grow so fast while India is growing at relaxed pace.  

I always believe that hard work is the key to success in every field. Everybody is born equal, and you could be anyone if you make put in the time. Talent and skills could be acquired if you make an effort. Right time would never come if we keep on waiting for it.  You just have to take the leap of faith and start wherever you are. As the saying goes the journey is more important than the destination.

A small story which I would like to share, there was a guy named Sunny who came to enroll himself as a Qriyo Guru around four months back as a Guitar instructor. He was also a computer engineer working in a software firm as a web developer. During his interview, I asked him, “Why are you joining us as a guitar instructor and not as an academic tutor for computer science subject? “ He smiled and replied, “The only thing which I am passionate about is music and when I share my art and skill with someone else, it only adds on to my skill”.  Well as the destiny would have him, while performing in several of our corporate events, he received a lot of offers to play at other avenues and not only that, last week he gave a call to our executive requesting him to put his status on hold for some time as he was going to Mumbai to play for a famous music band and thanked us for giving him right opportunities.

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Written by Shivam Mishra, he can be reached here.