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Learn the importance of museums, what you miss by not going

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Museums are being sidestepped from students’ curriculum, no one today truly cares about what artifact or evidence of history is lying in the museums. A decade ago, things were quite different, students were curious about museums, it was fun to visit a museum and learn about history. This drastic decline in museums’ popularity could be the result of the Internet era we live in. What is there in the museum, can also be read/studied from the internet, thus, eliminating the necessity of visiting a museum. But the big question is: What is the importance of museums, do they still hold value in the internet age? YES, THEY DO!

Reasons to defend the importance of museums

  1. There is a difference between witnessing first hand, and reading/viewing

    The internet today has the answer to every question, but can you confidently say that you know every little bit of information you read on the internet last month? I don’t think you can. Now, answer this: Do you remember how difficult it was to learn to ride a bike? when you fell down? when you were on a picnic, what exactly did you have for lunch? I’m sure you know the answers to these questions. Research suggests that a person is more likely to retain information if he/she experiences it first hand. Simply by reading or viewing pictures won’t help you retain that information in future.importance of museums

  2. Museums bring history to life

    Visiting a museum is like traveling back in time. You can imagine how kings used to fight, how the weapons were made, the weight of their armor reflects the weight of their responsibilities. It is like living their lives for a moment and understanding history. It is an experience worth having. Then, Maharana Pratap won’t just remind of your history book who won wars, it will induce in your mind, an image of a warrior riding a horse toward his victory. You will learn about the rich culture of the past, everything will form a live image in your mind like a detective and the experience well worth it. It is always intriguing to know how things worked in a time without internet and vehicles. And this is just the recent history, the facts about the stone age will surely leave you in astonishment.importance of museums

  3. History is filled with chapters that you don’t even know exist

    Even if I assume you know everything from your history book, our curriculum does not involve much of our native history. For instance, did you know that Jodhpur on the verge of merging with Pakistan right before Independence? I’m not saying you will find it in a museum (probably), but you will definitely learn about mind-boggling history you did not even know existed. If you don’t know that a particular event occurred in history, you cannot possibly look for it on the internet. Therefore, INFORMATION is the importance of museums. Visit a museum in your city and you will fall in love with it.

If there is a museum in your city, make sure you visit that, only then you will know what I’m talking about. Apart from museums, there are other things that we usually don’t pay attention to, for instance, skill building during childhood. And skills are those hobbies which you did not let fade away because of academics. Simply studying and falling asleep will rip your child of those talents which are actually required in the industry today. Wake Up! parents, and get a  home tutor for guitar, or a home tutor for martial arts, and always make sure your child is learning something new and sharpening their ax.

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importance of museums