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Top 5 international schools in Mumbai

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In a city of 2+ crores people, there may be a shortage of independent houses, but there is definitely not a shortage of good schools. A parent always gets bewildered when it comes to choosing the right school for their kid. Today, mere academic success doesn’t guarantee success in life. That is why more and more parents are looking for a school that offers much more than just academics. Sports, extra-curricular (debates, hobbies, personality development, leadership, ethics, moral values, discussions, technology) and academics have now become a crucial part of child’s overall development. Keeping all the crucial factors in mind, we have a list of International schools in Mumbai. This list will surely help you to choose the right one for your child.

Top 5 International schools in Mumbai

Before proceeding, keep in mind that all these schools offer top-notch sports facilities, academics and all other extra-curricular activities that contribute to your child’s overall development. These schools work hard to make sure that the student develops leadership skills and the ability to adapt to new technologies in these dynamic times.

1. Dhirubhai Ambani International School

International schools in mumbai

The number one ICSE School in India. Also, the number one International school of India does have a lot to offer. This school was established with a view to providing a world-class education to its students in 2003.

From almost every sport and non-sport activity, extra-curricular activities, fairs, and exhibitions to MUN conferences, your child will be exposed to a lot of new things consistently.

2. Oberoi International School

International Schools in Mumbai

Another one of the best international schools in Mumbai is the Oberoi International school. Their motto is:  Freedom to think. Empower to be… Meaning, they strive to provide an education, that gives the student, a power to think beyond and out of the box, and achieve his goals in life. Their goodwill and track record in Mumbai suggest that they have been doing justice to their motto.

3. Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane

international schools in mumbai

A great student is always raised by a great mentor. Even our educational reforms also take into account the evaluation and proper training of teachers. Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School here has won the National Award for Excellence in Faculty Training. It’s clear that the school does understand how important it is for a teacher to always stay ahead and competitive. Handing over a child to such a school definitely means assured development.

This is, in fact, one of the oldest schools (founded 1969) striving to provide equal opportunities to all the students.

 4. Ecole Mondiale World School

international schools in mumbai

A great teacher works to make sure that the child becomes an independent leaner in future. Do check out why should teachers stop spoon feeding children

EMWS teaching methodology is exactly in line with the above statement, where the role of a good teacher is to facilitate learning. Give all the resources and help to students and let them find their own way. Because, in college and in general, no one will offer to spoon-feed a person, they have to learn themselves.

Talk about facilities, EMWS has to offer more than enough facilities for every kind of student, including Model United Nations (MUN). This school is counted among the top 5 international schools in Mumbai for a significant reason.

5. The Cathedral and John Connon School, Fort

international schools in mumbai

One of the oldest schools in Mumbai, established in 1860 as a grammar school. Now we know it as The Cathedral and John Connon School. This school has 2 main missions which they have a name for. One is to teach students how to learn (to make them independent) and the other is to teach the ability and skill-set to adapt to the changing world. An all-round development is always incomplete without future proofing the child. The school offers top-notch facilities and even UN conferences.

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