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3 Things that make your child a genius

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As parents, you must have read several books and articles on how to develop your child’s mind, or you must have taken countless pieces of advice from your loved ones regarding the same. From feeding them almonds every day to making them join speed mathematics classes, we really don’t want to leave any stone unturned to craft a genius out of our little one. This post will stress on some very crucial but usually ignored areas where you need to focus if you want to make your child a genius.

  • During Pregnancy

make your child a genius

It is imperative that you take care of nutrition when you’re pregnant, and almost everybody who is pregnant does that. Still, there is one particular area which deserves attention, that is feeding your baby healthy fats for proper brain development. Now, to do that, people mostly rely on almonds and other nuts along with extra virgin olive oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds etc. But, these facts are short chain fatty acids (ALA: alpha-linoleic acid),  a majority of which act like a simple food that provides you energy with some benefits and then pass away from your system within 10 hours. But, there is one other type of fatty acids which are long chain fatty acids (EPA: eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA: docosahexaenoic acid), with DHA playing a major role in the development of new brain cells and boosting the brain power. EPA and DHA stay in your body for much longer ALA, (about 3 days) and they can help you to craft a genius mind for your baby. ALA also gets converted into EPA and DHA but not more than 1%, this why it is imperative to consume EPA and DHA-rich foods, which are mainly fish oil and krill oil. You can also buy DHA supplements which are easily available, to complete your nutrition.

Not only during pregnancy but also before and after pregnancy, DHA is highly recommended for the baby’s brain to reach its maximum potential.


  • During Childhood

make your child a genius

make your child a genius

Childhood is a stage where there is abundant room to learn and grow but is hugely impacted by TVs and smartphones. It is now widely known that kids learn faster than adults do and they are also more creative and innovative than adults. So, it is the perfect time for a kid to develop skills and talents which will make them gain a competitive edge in future.

So, do not make them miss summer camps, extracurricular activities and sports, who knows maybe your kid has the potential to become the next Sachin Tendulkar or LeBron James. The only way to find out is to explore. Let your kid discover his/her talents and dive deep into it to emerge successfully. These things are as important as studies and can shape the kid’s career even better than studies.

You can also teach foreign languages to your kid since childhood is a stage where they can actually outperform adults in terms of learning, your kid will be speaking a new language more fluently than any adult can. Similarly, you can make your kid learn anything during childhood, it is highly recommended to leverage this stage and make the most out of it.

Also, video games prove to develop a child’s mind, and as parents, you need to manage your child’s day so that he doesn’t just play video games all day.


  • Make them read every day

make your child a genius

Most youngsters have a hard time staying updated, reading and improving their knowledge. We all know how important it is to read. Reading about the things you like, newspapers and books, play a huge role in our personality development. People often realize it late, and then struggle to improve their knowledge just because they want to clear any exam or a group discussion. What they don’t realize is, in order to be successful, you need to have a lifestyle that involves reading every day, only then you will be able to ace your group discussions, interviews and become successful. Ace investor Warren Buffet has reportedly said that he reads about 500 pages a day, and not only him but all the successful people, have stressed the importance of reading in one’s life. Simply by mugging up questions of general knowledge before the exam will not improve your knowledge, only by starting at the right time and making it a part of your life will create wonders. Also, reading is really loved by the people who have it in their lifestyle, soon your child will also pick interest in reading. You just have to bring the horse to the well and make sure it takes the first sip.

Every kid studies, but what really sets them apart is their knowledge. A well-read person knows a lot and hence, can do a lot of things that a regular person can only imagine.


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