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How to overcome Mathematics fear

Palak Goel 0

Mathematics fear has always been a part of your childhood & unable to get rid off from it till now! It is always seen as the hardest subject and even though students tend to spend the maximum time on the subject, they find it hard to still excel in it. There are numerous books available for the practice in the subject, rather than the prescribed books. It can be said, that students don’t have the fear of the subject from the beginning itself, but it creates on developing as and when they clear the classes and aim towards the higher one. Some schools even go only for the hard core books like RD SHARMA and EXAM IDEA rather than the NCERT books prescribed by the CBSE.

This further plays a major role in demoralizing the children in the subject. Students are made to feel that if they cannot even solve the problems that are being done in class, how they will solve the one that will come in the exams.

So one might think, what is the ultimatum to this issue? Isn’t there anything that can be done to solve this issue? It might be a bit tricky because to solve the phobia that students have with Mathematics isn’t easy but it ain’t that difficult.

Also, a point to be noted here that Mathematics plays a very important role, not only to help us clear the subject but also in our daily life. The BODMAS rule that one learns, stays with them for the very end. One would have often observed how the daily wage earners, may not know anything about the various subjects that are learnt in school but they are extremely quick with Mathematics. Though it may take time for them to convert it in the language that one speaks from their native language. But it should never be confused with how good they are with Mathematics.

remove fear of Mathematics

Some students just began to develop a phobia towards this highly interesting subject of numbers, as even though they might have studied very hard for the subject, they wouldn’t be successful in getting good marks. This makes the child think that Mathematics is a very tough subject and even if one studies very hard for it, they won’t be able to score well. The main reason behind not scoring good marks could be because of some silly mistakes are done by the students. Students are then not able to point out their mistake and blame the subject for the fewer marks scored.

One such phobia’s towards a particular thing is created; it is hard to overcome it. As a result, students tend to lose interest in the subject and their score in the high scoring subject suffers.

Tips to Overcome from Mathematics fear:


1. Have a positive approach towards the subject

We often hear people hear that keeping a positive approach towards life, makes the work easier. But as an individual once finds it really difficult to apply the positive aspect in the real life. What one doesn’t realize is that the more negativity once starts getting towards the subject, the more negative marks they are going to score in the subject. If we keep a more positive approach towards the subject, it will be easier for us to give time for the subject. And as a result, our marks will also increase substantially and we will only do well.remove fear of Mathematics

2. Ask Questions

While studying in school, one tends to get under the peer pressure and they don’t question what needs to be questioned. They think that they will do it once they get home. What one should ask for questions and demonstrations. As it is said, that one should not settle for anything less than the solution for the doubt that arises in their mind, due to this. If the doubt in the minds of the students is not cleared then and there, the doubts keep on piling to a never ending mountain of doubts. Teachers might think that the students are understanding everything if they don’t ask questions. And what the students do in return is just to create more doubt for oneself.

3. Practice Regularly

Mathematics is a subject of not only numbers but of practice as well. It is very important for students to practice regularly as it creates easiness for them. If one practice regularly for the subject such as Mathematics, they will surely master the subject. The difference between those who practice regularly and those who do it at the end is that the ones doing it regularly put the right ingredients and effort at the right time. This helps in a better understanding of the subject and also it gives them a chance to explore more problems for the same.
remove fear of Mathematics

4. Don’t just read your notes over-&-over

Mathematics should never be confused with other subjects where mugging is required. Mathematics is a subject where numbers and practice plays a very important role. If one just goes over the notes over and over again, they do not get the touch of the actual problem. They just tend to do what they know and not what they don’t know. But the part of Mathematics is to do what they don’t know. If one thinks he/ she knows a problem very well they should practice more on that concept and should make it a rule to do each and every sum that is there in the book and should not leave it just because it seems to be same. Out of 20 sums that you find in the book of the same category, there would be at least 5 sums which have a different approach and they work in a different manner.remove fear of Mathematics

5. Work with a tutor

Working with a tutor helps one to establish control over the topics that they find difficult to ask questions in class. A tutor who is just in accordance with a particular subject finds it easier to clear the doubts. One can find the best home tutors at Qriyo. Also, a fact to be noted here is that at home tuitions, attention is given to the growth of individual students, which helps in having better results, unlike the coaching centres where 30-40 students are there in a batch.


6. Take a refresher course

If one feels there is a need, then one should first consult the teacher of the subject and according to their guidance should enrol themselves in a refresher course. This helps the students to brush up their skills towards the subject and have a better understanding of the subject. This is very helpful as one gets to polish the lost understanding of Mathematics.

One might think, it is too late, as these skills can only be brought into practice from the beginning itself. But what doesn’t realize is that a little extra effort towards that direction can make you do wonders.

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