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Top 10 shocking Venus facts for kids | Is 9th even possible?

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If you love facts about space, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will get to know some of the most bewildering Venus facts for kids. I bet you, as an adult too, don’t know all of them. So bookmark Qriyo Blog in your browser because more facts about different planets are coming soon. Check out my previous post that contains some mind-blowing facts about mercury. Without further ado, let’s get familiarized with Venus.

Top 10 shocking Venus facts for kids

  1. Venus is the only planet named after a female

    The planet is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty because of its brightness that can easily be seen from the Earth.

  2. Every day is a new year

    Venus has a ridiculously slow rotation speed. It takes 243 earth days to complete one rotation on its axis and 225 earth days to complete one revolution of the sun. You will enter a new year before entering a new day if you stay on Venus.

  3. Venus is the hottest planet, not Mercury

    Despite being the closest to the sun, Mercury is not as hot as Venus. Because of the lack of atmosphere on Mercury, it does not trap heat around it and thus, Venus becomes the hottest planet in our solar system and has an average temperature of 462-degree Celsius.

  4. Venus is Earth’s Evil Twin

    Venus is the closest planet to earth and also has an equivalent size that of the earth. With a rocky surface and size similarities, Venus is the closest twin of the Earth. But, unlike earth, Venus has clouds formed from sulphuric acid which is poisonous and the atmosphere mainly consists of carbon dioxide. Venus has a radius of 6052 km whereas Earth has a radius of 6378 km.

  5. Extreme atmospheric pressure

    It is the dense atmosphere of Venus that traps so much heat around it. The surface pressure is about 93 times that of the earth. It is the same pressure that we have 1000 km below earth’s ocean which is crazy. That is why any small object from space entering Venus’ atmosphere will get obliterated before hitting the surface.

  6. Venus: Brightest planet in the solar system

    Venus is only second to the moon when it comes to brightness. It is so bright that a pilot (in 2011) once mistook it for an incoming plane towards his aircraft.

  7. Venus Rotates in an Anti-Clockwise direction

    The planets in our solar system rotate in anti-clockwise direction except for Venus and Uranus. They both rotate in clockwise direction. This is called retro9grade rotation. Retrograde rotation is believed to have been caused a collision with asteroids, which could have caused the planets to change their pattern of rotation.

  8. The planet with most volcanos

    Scientists have observed 1600+ volcanos on the surface of the Venus which is the highest among other planets in our solar system. In fact, it has been found that almost 90% of the Venus’ surface is covered by lava. Not all the volcanos are active currently though.

  9. Ancient civilization believed there were 2 different planets instead of one Venus

    Venus’ orbit intersects Earth’s orbit, and when Venus overtake the Earth’s orbit while making a revolution, we observe it in the evening sky instead of the morning sky. So, basically, Venus appears both in the morning sky and the evening sky in cycles which baffled the civilizations into believing that they were two different planets. The Greeks called them Phosphorus and Hesperus and the Romans called them Lucifer and Vesper.

  10. Venus has a surprisingly weak magnetic field

    The magnetic field of a planet is produced by the heat transferred from the core to its surface. For the heat to get transferred, the planet requires a liquid core like the Earth’s. Since Venus has an astonishingly weak magnetic field, it is expected to have a solid core which does not do a great job in transferring the heat. However, no concrete evidence has been found that points towards Venus having a solid core.

If you knew less than 5 of the above-mentioned Venus facts for kids, then it means I have added new and imperative information to your knowledge. so, why don’t you share this with your folks and spread the knowledge? If you have some more interesting Venus facts for kids, feel free to write in the comments below, I will be reading.

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