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Modern way of Good Parenting You Should Have an Eye

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Everyone says people need to change with time, or else you are just a standing stone getting smashed by the strong winds, every time you face the changing world. To raise your child in the hope of getting served in old age, make yourself proud of his success in an unfulfilled career is one of the great feelings in parenthood. But, is this expectation important? Does it really worth living for?

Today’s world is filled with 70% unhappy people with an unfulfilled career. Most of them hate the works they are doing every single day. More than 80% of them says “Job sucks”, this effects of unfulfilled career doesn’t only affect his mental behaviour but the family, close one and society everyone around him does. Just think of it once, If you need to do a certain task for your 40 years of a career which you are not at all interested, will you consider yourself a happy living Creature, No you won’t.

Can you make a new product with old outdated technology? You may say Yes, but will it have the same specification and quality as the product of new technology? Obviously no, the same thing is happening with Parenting. You can’t make your child living worthwhile if you are still stuck with the outdated method of parenting.

Yes, Parenting has changed.
Nowadays, It’s not like you only have to teach them good manners and how to get a Job. There’s more to it. People are unhappy because they didn’t know what to choose and what not, at the time of choosing their career. They are incapable of maintaining their emotions, suffering from unfulfilled relationships, leaving their parents in spite of becoming the backbone in their old age. Today’s world is filled with shiny distraction Promising you a fulfilled life, resulting in a disappointed, unhappy life.

Now is the time to make your child learn “How to achieve life Goal?” not just “How to achieve a career goal?”. There are 4 pillars in the success of Life Goal, these are Health, Family, Money, and Self. Helping to learn each of these pillars in a continuous life journey of your child will definitely make their life worth living for and will have a better impact in our future world.

I believe You are the sum of your experiences from your childhood to this present day. Everyone has the same story as you, so does your child too. He will be a person of the sum of experiences of his life. Until the age of 18, is the most valuable time one can have for his entire life, Right Parenting is the most influential and valuable gift in that life phase to make a Promising, happy and fulfilled life of your child.

So sit back and relax, you are going to learn the most valuable and good parenting knowledge that you have ever come across.


Good Health means good mental and physical health of a person. Health is one of the most valuable pillars in the success of your life goal. Without proper health, you can’t achieve the other pillars of your life journey. Your child will follow what you show them, Not what you make them learn. Proper health will completely depend on what you feed to your body, how much physical activity you perform to make your organs work at its optimal level.
Positive thoughts will encourage you to remain peaceful, more productive whole day, while negative thoughts make your progressive curve move towards a downward direction, so it’s really important what you feed to your mind? Show them how to live a positive life by maintaining Proper health, be an example to them.
You don’t need to hit the gym every day to maintain perfect health. 30 minutes of daily normal morning exercise and a 15 minutes meditation can be enough to handle all your body function and a cycle of positive thoughts.

Make them understand the value of Proper nutrition in their long run. Maintaining Positive health requires only a small portion of your tremendous willpower. Force yourself every morning to get out of your comfort zone and show your child “how to live a positive healthy life?”. These consecutive daily works transform into a habit and will stay in your child’s mind as an Example of Proper Health.


Why do you need a family? Strange question, right?
The family is the stepping stone based on which you impact the world. A family is the backbone of your life journey. Support from family is enough to live the life you really wanted to live. You will never live your dream life if your family don’t support your works, your attitude towards life values. Motivate your child what they really wanted to do in life, help them to get clarity in their vision, Help them to achieve a clear roadmap to their career path. Be a friend, so that your child will never hesitate to discuss anything. Slowly your child will adopt your behaviour towards family and help them make the decision in their Family life. To understand your child try to see their problem from their point of view, and help them take appropriate decisions.

Make your child have a vision for a career based on his interest and passion. The money shouldn’t be a priority, but a by product of  their hard work.

Money is a tool through which you change the world according to your expectation. Knowing this fact help better understand the money and finds better ways to manage them. I have seen different opinions on money from different parents, some say “Money is everything you need to get to have a Good Life”, while some say “Money is the root of all evil”, therefore neither of them is accepted to be true.
Money is a medium of exchange, through which people access the resource for specific needs and fulfilled the work in a better way. Make your child learn how money works. Teach Them How to manage money, so they don’t have to works under the Influence of money. Help them to understand different investment options like Real-estate, Stocks, bonds. So that they can understand the flow of money and how to better live a life using it.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

Jim Carrey


According to a Research, people who know the answer of these 5 questions are happy and fulfilled than the people who possess a tremendous amount of money but don’t know the answer of these 5 questions.

These Questions are :

1. Who you are?
2. What do you do?
3. Whom do you serve?
4. What do they expect from you?
5. What changes when they fulfilled with their expectation?
Help them to understand these questions, so that they will never make mistakes choosing a career.


Every problem starts in your brain. It’s about the perspective of oneself about that problem which decides its solvability. Problems will always be there in life, but to overcome every problem, all you require is a deeper understanding.
When you realise, it’s the awareness that’s moving inside your brain, which makes a distraction from every work, you have to find some ways to stabilise your moving awareness. This can only be possible when you will have a proper understanding of yourself and mind. Analysing yourself will let you know how much peaceful is your current reality.
Make your child understand the importance of self-analysis, help them to understand how the mind works. Understanding how to learn anything by own will have the biggest impact in life as they don’t have to rely on anyone for require activity. Make them read a different self-help book and urge them to solve day-to-day problems by their own, this will cultivate a habit of self Interrogation, problems solving and a day will come that you don’t have to think twice on his decision in life.

Trust me, you will feel most happy and satisfied when your child speaks “My Mom/Dad is the inspiration for the success of my life” instead of you tell others “My son got an annual package of $100,000.”



About the Author:

David Choudhury is a Freelance writer, a Professional Blogger, and a Business Enthusiast. He helps People make Happy Living through his Writing.