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Not satisfied with your exam marks? Here’s the solution

Deepanwita Dey 1

You are an average scorer and you know you can do better in your exam marks. You know you have it in you but you don’t know what’s missing. You are confused about how to enhance your skills and get better scores in your tests. Worry no more! Qriyo is here to help you out and tell you what more you can do to be at the top of your class! Here are six things which can help you get those perfect scores –


6 Things to help you in getting good exam marks:



 Don’t let your mind wander around in the class and do not miss your classes unnecessarily. Pay attention to what the teachers are teaching you and try to take running notes. Your brain has the capacity to retain things which you have been really concentrating on. So even if you do not have the time to revise later for your tests, there’s a high chance that you will remember the gist of what your teacher had taught in those classes and write something in your answer sheet. You can also go through your running notes and save time by paying more attention to other difficult topics or the topics that you have not covered yet.



Recapitulating what you have learnt in school today is very important. The teachers have taught what they wanted to and you have absorbed the knowledge. Now to use it beneficially and remember it for a long time, you need to revise what you have learnt. Revising will help you during exams because you are not reading the topics for the first time. Sometimes just a glance through your notes would be enough for you to recall everything. Choose an isolated and calm environment and set aside some time from your schedule for this process. Go through your running notes, read the topics that were taught to you today and see if you have any issues with it. Clarify your doubts with the teacher the very next day. Make sure to finish your homework and assignments on time. Try to read in advance what the teacher is going to teach you the next day. This way you will understand the topics better.




 Mnemonics are memory devices or techniques which help you in learning and retaining things for a long period of time. You can use short forms while making notes (but be careful not to use them in exams) and you can device your own tricks to remember difficult things.

As for example, “Some People Have, Curly Black Hair, To Produce Beauty” can be used to remember your trigonometric formulae – S = P/H; C = B/H; T = P/B. (Where, S is sin, C is cos, T is tan, P is perpendicular, B is base and H is Hypotenuse).

Qriyo tutors can help teach you a lot more mnemonic devices like this and help you learn better and score more in your exams.




Pulling all-nighters before exams, last minute of rote learning isn’t going to help you ace those exams! You need to work harder, devote more time to your studies. You have to study every day and more frequently. Try to finish the day’s work on the same day itself. This way you would not have to finish a pile of work at one go. Fix a schedule for your week days and your weekends. Plan your syllabus accordingly. Allot time slots and days so that you can finish every subject within ample out of time. Do not start just the day before your test. Start early, finish your syllabus little by little every day so that you have ample amount of time for revision later. Assign yourself only that much amount of work which you are sure you would be able to finish.

Studying frequently does not mean that you have to work hard 24 hours a day. Make sure to take study breaks after every 30 – 45 minutes. Take a short stroll or listen to music between these breaks. Feel happy about what you are doing, take interest and reward yourself for what you have achieved. This will keep away the procrastination blues and help you aim higher.




You do not have to be stuck in your room all day. Take it easy. This is not a punishment. Enjoy what you are doing. You can watch a little TV, play some sport, hang out with your friends as long as you don’t compromise on your study plan. Also, always make sure to eat healthy and sleep well. This will boost your brain performance and help you remember things for a long time. Do not eat unhealthy fast foods and do not compromise on your sleep. This will lead to not only a decline in your test performance but also have an adverse effect on your health.




You pay attention in the class but your teachers do not make any sense? You cannot understand the subject or your textbooks are too complicated for you to grasp the meaning? You want to study hard but you don’t know which approach to pursue towards your subject? Don’t be anxious! Qriyo is here to help you out! Our Qriyo gurus are there to provide you with proper guidance and training! With excellent teaching and at a minimal, easy and affordable amount, our Qriyo gurus will help you with all your problems in any subject at any time. Choose appropriate timings according to your convenience and bring in all your doubts and problems. Qriyo gurus will help you get rid of them all and also provide you with enough tips and tricks (as mentioned above) to ace those exams and you can easily see an improvement in your performance and maybe even get those perfect scores!


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