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How to overcome beginner yoga problems?

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Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Breathing, twisting, stretching etc. Yoga is not limited to these three to four words. It involves much more than what meets the eye. It is not mere postures or asanas to perform regularly, it is an essence of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is an irreplaceable gift from ancient India that helps keep our mind, body, and soul rejuvenated and peaceful. Nowadays, people are following High-Intensity Interval Training to have great physiques to showcase to the world but they tend to forget that it’s equally important to keep your mind and soul also fit. With its multifarious benefits, yoga helps to keep the outer and inner body both stress-free. Therefore, it is crucial for you to overcome beginner yoga problems to get the most out of your every Yoga session.

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While some go out to practice this art, others prefer their own place. With its simple nature, yoga can be performed anywhere. But practicing yoga at home comes with some daunting challenges.

Some of the beginner yoga problems you might face

beginner yoga problems



  • Where to Start from

Don’t know which asana to do after unrolling the mat? One of the most daunting challenges faced by beginners is knowing which asanas to do for the current yoga session. Even if you have a long list of asanas to practice, the major challenge is what to practice as different asanas are related to different ailments and benefits and some of them are to be performed in a series. So, one should have the technical knowledge to create a well-organized and disciplined practice sessions to have maximum gains. This is one of the most common beginner yoga problems which stops people to even make a plan.

  • Procrastination 

We, humans, want to have a healthy body, peaceful mind and soul but the paradox is that we procrastinate workouts for every other thing in life. Family obligations, illness, work, travel, lack of time etcetera, we prioritize these over our body. A disciplined workout session means a disciplined routine. Procrastination occurs in everybody’s life but our mind and body has some requirements which need to be fulfilled.

  • Practicing the right form  

Knowing the list of asanas is not enough. Knowing the right form of a particular asana is crucial. If you don’t perform the right form, you might end up hurting yourself. This is the most important part of yoga and also one of the most ignored beginner yoga problems. Apart from increased chances of injury, you also won’t get any benefits of yoga unless your form is right.


  • Designing a Practice Session

 By design, we mean planning your practice sessions by choosing the right asanas depending on your mood and body. For instance, if you feel energetic you might channelize your energy towards a vigorous practice session. On the other hand, if you had a 12-hour long flight journey the last day, you should go for a restorative session to refill your strength. Also, irrespective of what routine exercise you do, you should always go for a practice where you can feel alive and be mentally and physically present. One more thing that you have to keep in mind is the sequence of the yoga poses. And for that, you need to have an extensive knowledge of the benefit of different poses and the relationship between them.

  • Household disturbances

Your dog wagging his tail or your kids engaged in a brawl or your husband’s favorite soccer team is playing its finals today while you are doing a stand-down. Yoga is an art which makes your mind calm and has to be performed in a  serene environment. And for that everybody in the house should be well-informed about your session’s timing.

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