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Part-time jobs for students in Mumbai, be a Qriyo Tutor

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Greetings Mumbaikars! As India is set to become the world’s youngest country by 2020, Mumbai, as the 4th largest populated city in the world has a lot of young and untapped talent. To bridge the gap between population and unemployment, Qriyo strives to contribute its part by offering part-time jobs for students in Mumbai. All those youngsters who are looking for part time jobs in Mumbai, your search will surely end at Qriyo.

Become a Qriyo Guru and teach during your free time in Mumbai

If you can teach something, not just academics, but anything among the 500+ courses Qriyo has to offer, then you are more than welcome to join hands with us. You become a home fitness instructor in Mumbai, home tutor for mathematics in Mumbai or home teacher for guitar in Mumbai, anything you want.

Start finding part-time jobs for students in Mumbai

To get onboard, download Qriyo home tuition app for teachers and complete your profile.

Why choose Qriyo?

  1. Qriyo’s guru app shows you a number of opportunities to teach in Mumbai.
  2. Qriyo Guru is trusted and evaluated home tutor, our customers are ensured quality learning experience and that’s why they always prefer a Qriyo Guru.
  3. Let Qriyo worry about your timely payment process.
  4. Guru app lets you find teaching opportunities, according to your area of expertise, the distance you are willing to travel and the minimum fee you would work for.
  5. Mark your attendance in the Guru app itself, which we share with the customer to maintain transparency and professionalism.
  6. Qriyo incentives the home tutors through its referral program and other types of incentives. There is more than one way of making is side income with Qriyo.
  7. The more tuitions you successfully complete, the higher your guru rating will be, which will even fetch you more clients in future.
  8. A strong support team.

How to start home tuitions in Mumbai with Qriyo?

  1. Download the guru app.
  2. Complete your profile as it will be shared with the customers. Make a nice and professional profile, provide all the details about yourself so that it should look professional
  3. Enter your area of expertise, and undergo short MCQ tests for those areas. You can reappear for the tests if something goes wrong. Your scores will be visible to the customers, so make sure you pay attention to them.
  4. Provide your identity verification and bank details.
  5. Enter your timing slots of the day (whenever you’re free to teach).
  6. Once your profile looks professional, start applying to the opportunities in your area and finding part-time jobs for students in Mumbai.

See? All it takes is an app that of part-time jobs for students in Mumbai.

Some of the tutor jobs in Mumbai you can teach:

Home tuition for academics in Mumbai

Yoga classes at home in Mumbai

Music classes in Mumbai


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