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Need personality development training for your kid? Know better

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Personality is defined as “A set of qualities that makes a person distinct from another”. Personality not only includes a certain behavior that a child carries to his adulthood and for the rest of his life, but also the psychological orientation and traits that make him/ her take decisions and set beliefs. In this post, you will find out whether your child needs personality development training or not.

As a child gains conscience by the age of 3, he learns of his existence apart from his parents. He gains knowledge about his/her gender for the very first time, regardless of his/ her physical orientation. As he grows up in the social and personal environment, where we have differentiated ways of living, behavior, and tasks for ‘men’ and ‘women’, the child learns to behave in a certain manner that suits his/her gender.

The pre-school and early elementary years are considered to be of immense importance in the development of a child’s personality, and in shaping up of his/her social behavior. Sigmund Freud, a nineteenth-century Austrian Neurologist coined a psychoanalytic theory that categorizes the development of the personality of a child in five stages namely Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latent and Genital.

It is the Oral stage that determines the fixations carried on into adult life, such as thumb sucking or smoking. The Anal stage of a child’s life consists of toilet training etc. This stage determines a person’s behavior towards cleanliness or messiness carrying on into his adult life. And this later in life defines the whole personality trait of a person being clean or messy.

The parents and teachers play the greatest role in the development of a child’s personality. The behavior of the parents towards the child determines what type of a person that child would become. When the parents are dominating, the child tends to become of a suppressed nature. While when the parents are of a suppressive attitude, the child’s attitude towards them becomes stubborn and dominant. Parents of independent nature generally raise up their kids to be a similar personality.

As the child starts schooling, the initial years are a very definitive time for the shaping of a child’s mind. A normal human brain develops fully by the age of six years. The social behavior and manners inculcated by a teacher in the mind of a child play a major role in personality development training, which he tends to carry for the rest of his life.

For instance, if a child taught to be afraid of balloons, he would gradually start to believe that balloons are scary, even if he does not know what a balloon looks like. He would grow up with that belief and would react in a relative manner when he actually comes to know what a balloon looks like. The personality development teachers at Qriyo are enthusiastic and well versed in dealing with children. They understand childhood anxieties and help them through every step.

Children are born fearless, they do not know what ‘fear’ means or feels like. It is the parents and the people who surround them and make them realize and learn what fear is. The same theory goes with every other emotion. Children do not know anything about social behavior. It is the social and personal experiences along with the parents who help them form a perspective and understanding of the manner in which they are expected to behave. Unrelieved fears and anxieties often lead to problems like repression, suppression of personality, moving into regression etc. So, the parents and other people do have a huge role in the child’s personality development training.
There is no certain age in life when the personality of a child develops. It is like a flowing river that tends to make its own way with the development of the child. The parents and the elementary school teachers need to be tolerant and understanding towards children at their tender age.

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