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10 Productivity hacks you ignore everyday, 3rd is your favorite


Productivity Hacks. A term we all hear and use way too often.

The Hustle bustle, the city lights, the city nights, the city life, it can be all be a little too overwhelming at times, and we might find ourselves not at par with these, right? It’s difficult for everyone- literally everyone! The toddlers have their thing to do, students like me have college, tution, friends who need attention and finally adults- lets not even start about them!
So, what’s the solution?  We can’t just shut ourselves and go back to the medieval period and pluck fruits from trees to satiate ourselves, right? and as the very famous Joey (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference of course) says,” there’s got to be a better way.” and yes, Kevin, there is. It is productivity hacks that you need.

Let me elaborate it, the key here, my friend, is efficiency and time management and everything that you need to get your life back on track. So, I’m going to list those things in bulletins and remind you why you got to do, what you got to do with proper reasoning and hopefully, we’ll all be as productive as we can be and be the best at everything we do.

So, first things first, my top picks of productivity hacks are-


    Create a routine for yourself that is as strict as your mom’s dinner time schedule and follow it as religiously as you check your WhatsApp messages first thing in the morning. Okay, jokes aside, but it’s important that we do things on time and prioritize what needs to be prioritized, otherwise, we end up losing direction of what’s actually important and what’s not.
    By routine, I don’t mean a military strict routine, but you need to have a time slot for important things that need to be done. this is one of the most important productivity hacks that you need to keep in your mind. routine is discipline and discipline is what makes us.


    Now that you have a proper routine in place, you need to make a list of all the things that you need to do in a day. I’ll suggest something more in the lines of notes application in your smartphones or a handy copy that you use every day.
    In this, include everything that you intend to do in your day and at night, before going to bed, put a tick mark on everything you’ve accomplished. And you know, that’s a different sense of satisfaction you will feel.  So take out your diary today itself and do it. and other than the satisfaction, it helps you keep a track of everything you’ve done in your oh-so-long/short 24 hours that you’ve been so graciously provided with.


    I know that you need to study, work hard and accomplish your routine activities whatever that may be, but it’s also very important that you take small breaks in between or else you’ll exhaust yourself beyond the limit and will be left with no energy or motivation to deal with rest of the day.
    hence, it is advised to work for 45 minutes and take a short 15 minutes break to refresh yourself. it regenerates your energy and increases productivity.


    Other than everything you do during the day, it’s very crucial to have a proper 7-8 hour rest for an average human being. and if you are as productive as I’m trying to make you, then its actually a well-deserved rest. Kidding, everyone, no matter what, needs to sleep for good 7-8 hours as it increases your efficiency and helps you stay sane. and let’s not forget the age-old adage,
    “early to bed
    early to rise
    makes a man
    healthy, wealthy and wise”
    It’s best to sleep by 10:00 pm and wake up by 5:30 or 6:00 am.


    You probably often hear your mother saying, don’t panic. take deep breaths. ever wondered what was all about? Apparently, it calms us down and yes, kids. there is a scientific explanation behind it.
    meditation is the very same thing, with the only difference that you have to do it every morning and it keeps you going like a wonder women/ Superman maybe. It keeps you calm and composed and helps you deal with things in a better way. It improves concentration, confidence, develops self-awareness and the list is as long as it can get.
    So, inculcate the habit of meditation from this minute itself and you’ll see the changes yourself. You know what would be cool? Getting yoga classes at home, that way, you can keep your mind calm and you will never miss the class because the teacher is coming to you, not the other way around.


    Apart from working all day, taking timely breaks, sleeping for proper hours and meditating, you also need the eat the right kind of food. Your body needs sufficient amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to survive. Eating a lot of junk food is never a good idea as it makes you lethargic and is literally an invitation to most diseases.
    Okay, let me rephrase it, i don’t mean to say that you have to stop eating the fun food, all I’m asking is to limit the fun food and add a few leafy veggies and chappatis to your diet as well. Also, you can get yourself a fitness instructor at home


    Remember the time we were kids and we’d get candies for performing well and the infamous chappals for well,-not performing well.
    use the same funda in your life and you’ll be all set to go. Treat yourself to a well-deserved reward after you meet a deadline and restrict yourself from our guilty pleasure for not doing what you were supposed to do. You’ll see what proper motivation will make you accomplish. and isn’t that all we need?


    Multitasking is actually considered as a nice thing and I cant come up with one good reason to support this notion.
    Every time I try to multi-task, i end up taking double the time and creating a mess. and honestly, why is there even a need to multi-task? Just take your sweet time and complete the thing in your hand before you shift to the next one.


    This one is my personal favorite and something that I do too. Just try to always keep a notebook around you at all times, it does not have to be a register, just a small handy copy. Most importantly at your bedside table and just pen down whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, you get the best of inspiration at 3 in the morning and by the time you wake up, its all gone. So just write your thoughts whenever they strike you.


    You must have heard that story about a few rotten apples destroying all the apples, right?  Sounds cliche, but its true. That is what actually happens with our minds as well. So choose your friends wisely. Build a positive and creative environment. Develop good habits. and leave your circle if you think you no longer belong there. following these productivity hacks, you’re sure to get your life on track
    Have a purpose, work towards it, and go, get it!


Everyone can read productivity hacks, but not everyone implements. I encourage you to take the necessary steps and make some good changes in your life. Only then will you be able to make the most out of your day and finally achieve your goals.

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