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Qreators of Qriyo – Karishma Periwal

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“Curiosity and Hunger to Learn is the key to become successful in life. If you start taking 
initiatives the world will support you and you will be able to help any organization in a 
better manner”

An aggressive, self-motivated young 22-year-old girl, after her graduation, it was high time for her to take some initiative in life to pursue her career ahead and fortunately got the opportunity to work with Qriyo.

I still remember the first day in Qriyo, exciting, thrilling, little nervous too! I was privileged when I started working with highly energetic and enthusiastic people having great vision and passion. What else does anyone want more?

Qriyo has a great mission of generating micro-employment and providing courses at the doorstep. From a worried Indian mother who wants her child to be the next Modi, to the global head of any MNC who want a stress relieved life. In the whole life cycle from the day we come into this world, until the day we die, each day is learning, the journey right from learning how to eat food to leading a good life. Be it a Chai-wala or to the President of India, everyone seeks to become a better version of himself with each passing day. Here, Qriyo plays an important role. We have activities and learning for all the phases of your life, be it Mental Maths for your kid, Martial Arts for your girl, Board Exams, Cooking Classes before your wedding, Spoken English for your mother-in-law, a Teaching Job for yourself or Yoga for stress relief.

The greatest thing about Qriyo is that its strength comes from each member of its family who always strives to give their best in services. Qriyo is a place to get both challenge and fun, providing a continuous support for the overall development and the leaders motivating through new initiatives, open discussions, sessions, day to day motto etc.

Every youth these days have a passion and craze to work in a start-up and flaunt in their circle, unknowingly that you need to be very passionate and a self-motivated implementer. Qriyo has not only provided the challenge to build a better career but also has shaped us to a responsible individual, having the willingness to learn and grow continuously. I have learned the desire to work from heart, the fire that everyone must carry,  a sense of working with so many different individuals and most important factor supporting each other in challenges and hard times.

There could not be a better way than the way I was being trained in Qriyo. Each day was a great learning for me. I started working at grass root level, understanding and implementing stuff, looking at the bigger picture and the objectives of an organization.  The workplace has a positive environment full of energy, ideas, creativity, and innovation, the freedom to express and explore the industry. Interacting with customers and Gurus and working from end to end helped me in becoming a good listener, energetic and has initiated the spirit of professionalism within me. Understanding the different perspectives interest me and I am able to solve their problems and queries effectively. A journey to introspect and assess the problems and conditions to becoming a solution driven person from problem driven person, there are much more such great lessons which helped me in becoming a better person.

“You’ll likely be able to make a larger impact in the organization if you start taking initiatives, have curiosity to work and love your work! ”

Karishma Periwal
Customer Relationship Executive

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