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Qreators of Qriyo – Harsha Mishra

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The day, I first met Mudit and Rishabh(CEO & COO of Qriyo) together, I was excited and pumped up enough to start something related to extracurricular activities like Yoga, Martial Arts, Art and Craft etc. I had this stint of teaching and getting myself involved in various extracurricular activities at school and college level and I enjoyed the same from the very beginning. It was like I will be doing what I like and it didn’t seem like ‘Work’ as I enjoyed every bit of it. From doing interior designing for the activity centre to planning Sunday activities for children everything gave me happiness.

The network I built while working in Qriyo can be best described with adjectives such as “Diverse, Artistic, Free, Dreamers, Hard-Workers and Smart”.

I learned about so many things as it was about providing best quality education and involved interactions with both Teachers, Students, and even Parents. Qriyo offered a chance of moving out of my comfort zone, i.e. my birthplace and shifting all the way to Jaipur. It was a beautiful challenge indeed of setting up a base in the city, onboarding the initial set of teachers and customers and hiring the team that would make it all easy, just like painting on a blank canvas.

We grew yes!, from 5 to 35 and this growth was beautifully challenging as it offered different sets of “Obstacles masked as Challenges” which enabled us as a team to learn and improve yourself for the better. Blessed with an amazing team and supportive peers I am glad that I was a part of the journey which helped me in many ways and acted as a stepping stone in my ladder of career.
It was a roller coaster ride indeed

Harsha Mishra

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