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Qriyo Launches All New Guru App for Tutors

Alok Trivedi 1

We’re so excited to launch an all new Guru App today for tutors. There are tons of exciting new features which we are launching via our new app which is available to download from Google Play Store here.

Here are the new features which are available in the new version:

1. Qriyo Anniversary Offer

Qriyo is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary. On this occasion, we are launching Anniversary Offer. Under this scheme, an amount of Rs. 1500 bonus on completion of a simple target. Anniversary bonus is target driven, incentive scheme for Qriyo Gurus. Under this scheme, Qriyo Gurus will be awarded Rs. 1500 bonus if he completes at least 5 bookings, with 4-star or above customer rating, between 1st September 2017 and 31st December 2017.

2. New Rules for Payments & Renewals

Starting 1st September 2017, Gurus will now collect payments directly from Customers. For renewals, Gurus will now have to pay a small continuation fees to Qriyo. Qriyo Guru can check how much amount is due in first month using Qriyo App while applying for tuitions.

3. English Communication Test

English is an important tool for communication today. You will have to read a small paragraph which will judge your communication skills.

4. Guru Training

These small 5-minute videos will help you become a better Guru at Qriyo. Watch the videos to learn how you can increase your chances of getting home tuitions via Qriyo, important rules and regulations and much more.

5. Lifeline

At beginning of teaching career as a Qriyo Guru, all gurus are awarded 5 lives or hearts. These lives keep on increasing / decreasing depending upon actions by Guru. For example, if a class is renewed one life will increase and if you miss a demo without informing Qriyo and customer two life will reduce.

6. The Dash Apply

Introducing the lighting fast automated matchmaking process: The Dash Apply. Now no need to wait long hours and manual confirmation after applying for opportunities. We have launched all new DASH APPLY for benefit of Qriyo Gurus. Most relevant Gurus will now get a notification to Accept or Reject Home Tuition Opportunities.

7. Wallet

Your wallet will be the one stop solution for your payments at Qriyo. All adjusted tuition fees, referral bonuses etc. will be visible in your Wallet.

Found an issue in the app or want to share a feedback? Write to us on Update the new Guru Home tuition App here.