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Qriyo Teachers’ meetup 0.1

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“Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions”. I am sure we all have come across the very realistic phrase. Well, Qriyo, India’s First managed home tuition site regards the fact absolutely with great respect. After all, the teachers are very important for Qriyo as the students are. Therefore, to address and interact better this time, Qriyo came up with a teachers’ meetup! Aiming to fuel the already energy filled teachers associated, the event was a great success too.

qriyo teachers meet

The Teachers’ event

The teachers associated with Qriyo are very passionate and skilful. However, Qriyo goals to extend more help by easing the process of teaching for them. The session has a name as ‘Qriyo Teachers’ meetup 0.1′ as it is the first meet ever for the Qriyo Gurus. The interactive session was conducted on 13th October 2018 at Qriyo Jaipur Office. The participants were mainly from Jaipur and are Gurus under Qriyo. No doubt after the very successful congress of the Heros of the system, Qriyo assures to come up with many more such events.

Every task when done best drags success. Qriyo and its Gurus aim to achieve success in teaching the students, and this is only possible through ‘effective’ teaching. Therefore, via this meetup, Qriyo pointed the lesser known tricks to teach the kids. Not just that, pampering the teachers a bit was done too! Actually, Qriyo believes the system runs smoothly when the issues of both the students and teachers are equally valued. And why just issues, the opinions were also taken for how Qriyo can help better the Gurus.

qriyo teachers meet

In the three hours long session, teachers and the Qriyo members were discussing the Qriyo Guru app too. Many helpful suggestions were welcome. The meetup had become a platform where teachers could meet other teachers and learn so much more. After all, learning is the key to growth. Moreover, the young generations have unique and new styles of teaching. Qriyo could very well notice the active and enthusiastic Gurus about their profession. The participants were from various backgrounds. Some were housewives, some were part-time Gurus at Qriyo while some were full-time ones. Qriyo takes pride in having such a group of members, working hard enough to make the world a better place.

You too can be a part!

All the Gurus at Qriyo at as role models, portraying how time management, skills, and passion to deliver knowledge can help the younger generation. They also set an example for all the people out there who are looking for a part-time job and how teaching is the best profession. Qriyo aids this fact well and thus provides opportunities to people with a wide range of skills to deliver them into the students. With the best possible match and flexible working hours, Qriyo does it all. It makes sure the Guru and student focus only on knowledge delivery and knowledge gaining, the rest of the issues are handled by the firm. What better can it be to find a profession with such ease! Or in that case, finding home tutors with such ease!

qriyo teachers meet

If you are a student and looking for a home tutor, you are in the right place. Qriyo has a plethora of activities including different genres. Grab the opportunity and learn all you can because once this age goes away, you can never get it back. So hit the Qriyo app download button on Google play or simply visit the site to book yourself a free trial!

And if you are a teacher, you must find out if Qriyo offers service in your city. Visit the Qriyo website now! The very hassle-free and innovative way of knowledge delivery with just so many other benefits is waiting for you!

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