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4 Reasons Why Building Maths Concepts is Vital

Hemlata Mishra 0

So, today while commencing your day, you must be in worry about the calculations that your toddler was doing. Even about the last parent teacher meeting you attended and expected glistening results. Every second students is facing a problem with maths concepts. Why students tend to perform less in maths, has become a major discussion among the parents, teachers and scientists. Inclining towards solutions and getting aware about the reasons why and how mathematical concepts helps in shaping the future of the child becomes the first step in fighting with the problems. Here are the,

4 Reasons Why Building Maths Concepts is Vital:

1. Makes the child organized and systematic:

Maths Concepts

Maths helps the child in learning to organize the information and represent it in a logical and analytical manner. For example: To solve: 5*(2-4)+7/2= It looks simple yet difficult. It includes a basic concept of BODMAS (Bracket of Division Multiplication, Addition, Substraction) which includes organizing according to the rule. Some might would have find the answer and some would be still struggling. These basic concepts not only helps the child to organize numbers in maths but will also help in prioritizing in future.

2. Builds an approach towards problem solving:

Maths Concepts

With every question in a maths book, it involves a theory and a concept which helps the child to handle abstractions. Every concept is based on a problem and understanding the concept, helps the child in becoming problem solver.

3. Builds keen observation skills:

Maths Concepts

The reason why some students focus on details and have keen observation skills, are more attentive towards solving multiple problems. The consistency helps them in understanding the detailed concepts behind each problem and that makes them keen at observing.
For example: a simple concept,”Multiplication is repeated addition” helps the children to not only understand multiplication in detail but also teach them an another way of addition.

4. Makes the mindset logical:

Maths Concepts

The concepts of maths builds clarity of thought and helps in pursuing assumptions into logical conclusions.
For example,
Patterns: It helps children to make predictions, to understand what comes next, to make logical connections, to understand relationships between the patterns and to use reasoning skills.

So now, when you see your toddler is facing a problem in solving any puzzle or any calculations, remember, to make him understand the essence of it. You can also hire a tutor today from QRIYO and help your child in building these skills.