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Why your kid must learn self-defense techniques?

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In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how you can increase childs intelligence. I stressed the importance of extra-curricular activities in child’s life and how it increases the chances of success. While that post was supposed to make people see the opportunities for their kids, this one will talk about one opportunity in particular, which is self-defense and why is it important. Self-defense techniques, apart from the extra layer of security, does much more to a person.

If you think it is a physical technique to fight, you’re wrong. It is rather a mental activity, you can defeat or be defeated in a matter of a few micro seconds. In that time, one has to analyze the possible attacking ways and defend, techniques and tricks to defeat the opponent. Your mind does calculations which are way faster than your physical movement. The kind of alertness and agility that self-defense techniques induce in a person is astonishing.

Benefits of learning self-defense techniques:

1. Patience

A self-defense class teaches you to be patient, wait for the opponent to make a mistake that you can leverage. Being patient in today’s world is a quality worth appreciating, it keeps the frustration at bay. If a child is taught how to be patient at very young age, he/she will have a great deal of patience when they grow up. They won’t get frustrated with every small issue.

2. Strong will power

To feel or not to feel pain depends upon how strong your will power is. Self-defence teaches to never give up and always defend yourself. That will power is mental, without your mind telling you to not give up, your body automatically gets annihilated. Even under harsh circumstances in a physical fight, the one who finally wins is always the one with a stronger will power. This will power gives an immense boost to child’s goal, be it studies or any kind of competition. It is training less for your physical self and more for your mind.

3. Analytical Skills

As I’ve mentioned above, in those few micro seconds a person has to think of numerous variables. He has to predict the next move of the adversary, understand his fighting style and has to think of a backup move in case the prediction goes wrong. Also, he has to think of ways to make the next move, wait for the opponent to make a mistake which can be leveraged. All that thinking your brain does when you’re fighting actually develops your analytical skills. Your mind knows it has to think a lot and act accordingly if it wants to defeat the opponent. It is not a choice when it comes to fighting, the mind has to think in those lines. With time, self-defense techniques will equip the child’s mind with analytical skills.

4. Discipline

In every self-defense class, it is made sure the student is punctual and obedient. They are taught not to use their abilities to bully someone but to save someone from bullies. The child has to follow a strict regime, wake up early, go to bed early, eat right, and manage the time of the day. Discipline in life is a must and is very hard to teach children.

5. Increased awareness

Self-defence techniques boost your senses. A person can fight with blind folded eyes, using just ears and nose to detect a threat, of course, that is a whole new level which is attained by years of dedication and practice. But, the point is, even though the sense won’t go up to that level, they will definitely go up to some level, enabling a person to detect threat up to some extent and act before it’s too late. For example, a good car driver sometimes predicts other driver’s movement and he is often right, I am you can relate, it has happened to me many a time. Great awareness enables one to pay attention to even small things in life and increase the powers of observation.

6. Fitness

It is extremely boring for a child to go on a run, or do aerobics. Either the child is interested in playing sports, or self-defense. If your child is not into sports and his/her physical activity is very limited, then it is a great idea to for them to learn self-defense, which apart from fitness, has the above-mentioned advantages too.

Just remember, learning how to fight actually means training your mind to achieve new levels, which is crucial for a person in every field.

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Now that I have established the how beneficial it is to learn self-defense, let me tell you various self-defense techniques you can go for.

1. Mixed Martial Arts

Self-Defense techniques

It a technique which combines various other fighting techniques to make it a full-contact combat sport.

2. Taekwondo

Self-Defense techniques

This technique is a Korean martial art, which involves high kicks, jumping, skipping, and fast kick techniques. It focuses on how to make the most out of legs during the fight.

3. Karate


The old school fighting technique never ceases to amaze me, it teaches to use kicks with knees and punches with elbows to inflict damage.

4. Kick Boxing


It is a modern form of fighting which, along with boxing includes kicking techniques to make it full-contact combat sport.

There are a lot more self-defense techniques that emanate from different parts of the world, such as China, Japan, Korea, America and even India. Every style has its uniqueness in some way. Take the right call for your child’s development and request a qriyo self-defense teacher at your home so that you can see for yourself how your child is progressing and getting better day by day.

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