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Is sex education for children necessary?

Bhavya Bubber 0

Is sex education for children necessary? I cringe inside when I see kids judging a girl and making fun of her who is on her period. It takes me down the memory lane when in school we had to hide our sanitary napkins between a notebook so that the boys of the class do not get to know about it. I sometimes wonder why can’t we be open about basics of life. When a girl can bleed at such a tender age of 12, then why can’t a boy know about it? I mean, to give a birth, a girl’s body starts to prepare itself at the very age of 12 but admitting the fact takes an eternity. Hence, there should indeed be sex education for children.

With such modern mindsets, people still are skeptical when it comes to talking about such basic concepts of life. We look for empty shops to ask for contraception, condoms, and sanitary napkins. With all the advancements happening around us, sanitary napkins are still packed in a black full of shame polythene. Talking about menstrual cycle or your sex life is a talk of shame even in the 21st century.
Half of the populace do not know why women bleed. No matter how educated are we, a girl on her period still cannot worship in a temple.
Why can’t parents teach their children about the menstrual cycle and make them more sensitive towards girls? Why asking for your inner-wear is a confidential tiding between you and the shopkeeper?

The answer to all these questions is sex education for children.

To make this world a better place, there should be age-appropriate sex education for children. People should understand the significance of sex education. Depending upon the age of the child, should you make him/her learn about different concepts.
For instance, toddlers should be able to name all the body parts including the genitals. Most two to three olds can differentiate between a male and female and can usually figure whether a person is a male or a female. A three-four-year-old should know the very basics of reproduction, i.e a man and woman make a baby together and the baby grows inside a woman’s uterus. Teachers and parents should teach children that their body is their own and they should know about the right and the wrong touch.
Children around age 10 should have a basic understanding that some people are heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.

Children should learn about hormonal changes and puberty as most of the children face pubertal development before age 10. Parents can also talk about sexual intercourse with their children around this age.
Teenage being the most sensitive age, parents should teach their kids about safe sex and contraception. They should be able to make a judgment about the depictions of sexuality and sex by media as to whether its right or wrong, negative or positive.

Sex education can help a child take the right decision in a difficult situation and not become a prey of the modern society.
We should work towards such a society where a guy knows about the red stains and virginity is not limited to breaking of a hymen. A society where a girl can wear whatever she likes and doesn’t have to hide her bra strap. A society where we do not have to switch between channels when a condom ad shows up. That society where a boy can show empathy towards a girl on her period without the fear of judgment. That place, where I can walk with my bonce held straight, would be my happy place.


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