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5 Tricks to solve maths problem fast | Exam Hall Tips

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Mathematics is one of the “all time favorite” subject most of the students likes throughout their study period. But many students face a problem, the problem of less time. Although they are good at solving a problem, time constraint becomes their enemy. If you are searching to solve maths fast, this is the right place.

5 Tricks to solve Maths Fast:


1. Time management, the most important point:

If you do not manage your time, you are surely going to run short of time. Many people just go on solving the paper without looking at the watch due to which they are not aware of the time. They just keep on solving with the same pace. Students with such habit often suffer in the examination hall.

They should keep an eye at the watch so that they get an idea about the time and can increase the pace, when needed.

2. Be before time:

Tricks to solve maths fast

Reach sometime before the commencement of the exam so that you can relax for sometime and form a mindset to give your exam with peaceful mind. If you will be in a hurry, then you may trouble your exam in hustle and bustle, but if you are calm, then it is going to help you a lot in concentrating.

3. Prioritization:

Prioritization is something that proves its value in every field of life. I was adversely affected due to this in my Physics exam during Intermediate Examination. Some students, who what to score out-of-out wants to solve each and every question accurately, and to maintain that accuracy, they sometimes write more than required, which consumes time and they face the lack of time at the end. So, prioritize the questions according to their weightage and then start solving.

4. Firstly solve those which you know properly:

solve maths fast

If you will focus on every question sequentially, there are hardly any chances of finishing the paper in time. So, relax yourself by solving those which you know very well, then go for those about which you have some idea and at last, if time permits, try those about which you don’t have any idea.

5. Recheck your answers:

Always try to save some time, say at least 10 minutes, for reviewing your script. Many students solve a problem and review it at the same time. Avoid this, because if by chance the solution has some mistake, then you will try to solve it again and by this, you will spend more time on that problem. This may also lead to the lack of confidence, so rechecking work should always be done after finishing the paper.

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