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How people with busy lifestyle can stay fit and healthy

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One often finds it a shock, of how their lifestyle has changed. From being the fit and healthy one to slogging themselves in a 9-5 job every day for six days a week and in some occasions even seven days a week. One often witnesses, that after a month or so that they are so tuned to the lifestyle that it becomes very difficult to change it. One might also feel that now there is no coming back and one can only remember the golden days of their lives and cannot live with them again.

Even after long hours of work, there is more to it. There is the never ending traffic, even after your 9-5 series of sitting in your seat; you have to sit in that traffic for hours again, just so that you can get back to your own lovely paradise. It takes you another 1-2 hours of sitting to get back home. But is it really the case?

Well, it isn’t. So, before your back starts aching from working in a particular time series and with just sitting on a designated place for those long hours. There is a three-way program, with which you can maintain your fitness regime, which includes FITNESS, WELLNESS, AND DIETING. Have a look at the following things that you won’t be having an excuse for, even in your busy schedule-



stay fit and healthy

In this busy world, one’s stressful day can be converted to a sleepless night. And it won’t be possible for one to finish the to-do list in a day, and it won’t be worth it to stress your night about those incomplete tasks. One should dedicate 5 minutes of their time before going to bed to mediation. This allows us to calm down the mind, and leads to a peaceful sleep, which results in a more PRODUCTIVE TOMORROW.


stay fit and healthy

Doctors say eights glasses of water a day is a must. It doesn’t only helps you keep hydrated but it also has many health benefits.  It helps you maintain your calm and keep you focused. In the busy schedule one might forget to drink the required amount of water, what one can do is either to keep a bottle of water on the desk or set reminders to drink water. It even allows you to cure hangover or on the go avoid hangovers in a go.


stay fit and healthy

Those people who work in the corporate world, are often heard giving the excuse, of their not being enough time for them to take an off. But what one should strive for is a vacation even if it is for 3 days. It helps you be healthier, happier and more productive at work. But the thing that should be kept in mind, while taking a vacation is that this vacation should be without WIFI. It might sound funny, but it isn’t a good vacation with all the technology going through your mind. So take an off and embrace it.Meditation and doing Yoga goes hand in hand. Where one can always meditate at night, they can also hire a yoga instructor at their homes. This will lead to better concentration and devotion towards work.



stay fit and healthy

For all those corporate geeks, who find it difficult to move out of the cubicle while doing your work. Here is a way out. Doing exercise at your desk itself. It may sound funny, but it isn’t that funny. One can always find out few minutes near their desk and do the exercise. This way you aren’t even exiting your desk and are also able to maintain your fitness regime.


stay fit and healthy

In the mornings, usually each and every one of us is running late, and we often tend to leave one thing or the other behind us. We might leave our sneakers behind when we are packed with our formal attire. And with this one day, we often skip a month long of gyming. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? So a simple excuse for this is, is to hire a gym locker. Packing a gym bag isn’t that difficult but we often forget things and this might be an expense in your budget, but it is so going to be worth it.


stay fit and healthy

In this ever changing world, one might often get bored with the same routine exercises and would also find excuses to skip gyming classes. So for this, we have a solution for you, and that is to try different things. If you feel you can go for weights, we think you should opt for Pilates and so on. This way you also tend to learn new things and are not also stuck with a single routine. Plus these places also offer great discounts for newbies.

You can always get a fitness instructor at home. Fitness regime followed at home leads to more consistent workout, than those you do by going to the gym.



stay fit and healthy

Remember the time, when your hour long lunch break just vanished, because you had an important meeting coming up and you and to prepare for the same, as there were some last minutes changes? And at that very point of time, you would have been craving for something quick to eat, and the best option that you would have found, would have been to grab a quick meal. And what’s better than Fast Food, but is it? Instead of going for the Fast Food, you can always keep a bar of healthy snacks in your office drawer for a quick bite.


stay fit and healthy

You would have often added Spinach to your smoothies, but have you ever tried sweet potato brownies? Or cauliflower scrambled Eggs? As weird as these meals sound, they are equally tasty. So why not do a smart task and add those veggies. You can also create and experiment with the varieties of veggies you get.


stay fit and healthy

We often eat our lunches in front of computer screen, thinking of the deadlines, and thinking about the never ending to-do-list. We just keep on eating and don’t even realize when we are actually full. So what is it that can be done? One should always make it a point to have meals calmly, breathe in between bites and take a note of when you are actually full. When you will follow these steps you will not only eat less but will also be content, with whatever you have had.

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