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7 ways that can stop your child from becoming a couch potato and lead an active lifestyle.

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The sound of the last bell, followed by swirling crowd, with the sweat swamping the body regardless of the weather. The incredible struggle to reach the panic room before the apocalypse breaks out exactly matches your child’s situation when they get off school. Except that the Apocalypse means your kid’s favorite TV show. They won’t even change, freshen up or at least take out their lunch box to be washed. For them, the mission is clear and simple. They know only one road, and that road leads them straight to the TV or video games for that matter. Nothing can come between their path to victory. Well, except for power cut, that one time you must feel triumphant, but it’s temporary. You cannot always wish the power was out. And, you obviously can’t afford to scold them every day or sell the TV on Olx. It will only infuriate them which is not good for their development. This must leave you in utter bewilderment as to what could be done to stop your child from becoming a couch potato.

Below are 7 ways that can stop your child from becoming a couch potato

stop your child from becoming a couch potato


  •  Set rules in your home

If you think setting rules drive a wedge between you and your kids, you’re wrong. Rules backfire only when you’re not being careful while conveying them to your kids. You have to be their friend and tell them, that everybody in the house follows rules. Daddy has to go to work every morning, mommy has to prepare food for everybody (or any other work), and you (kids) have to study- (now the important part) as well as have fun.  Rules should not feel like rules, it should feel like roles. Every person has a role to play, and kid’s role is to study, play, and have fun. That way, your kid will know when it’s time to turn off the TV and do something else (study, outdoors sports, sleep etc). And if they don’t turn off the TV, they will obey you when you tell them to turn it off.

Keep in mind, there has to be a certain degree of strictness. Rules are roles, and you don’t play yours, then there will be consequences. Tell them they will be grounded for a couple of days, or the TV will stop working for a couple of days if they don’t turn it off on time. Find the right balance so that they listen to you and you can finally stop your child from becoming a couch potato.

  • Set rewards for prioritizing studies or any other thing to do

If they like watching TV straight after coming home from school, tell them they can only watch it after they change and take out their lunch box. If they like watching TV shows, make them earn the same. Tell them, just like parents work hard to make money, you (kids) have to work hard to earn your TV time. Give them daily tasks in terms of studies, outdoors sports, eating, etc.  Only after achieving those tasks, they get a refill of their TV time. If you want to stop your child from becoming a couch potato, do it the right way so that they learn something from it. The lesson being, everything has to be earned.

  •  Put a daily limit on the screen time

There is no limit of cool TV shows. There is always something good going on the TV which is loved by your kid. That does not mean they can sit all day and do just that. Make them understand the importance of balance in the activities that take up your day. You decide, and if you think 2 hours of TV time every day should be sufficient, then tell your kids that they have to pick their TV shows, so that screen time does not exceed 2 hours.

  • Improve your own habit of watching TV a lot

When parents love watching TV, kids will also learn to love it. Indian women, after preparing the dinner, spend most of their time watching TV serials. One cannot possibly expect their kids to obey when they are constantly being tempted. Instead, try covering your TV serials in the afternoon when kids are at school. During the night, make sure the kid has done all his day’s work, and he went to sleep. After that, you can afford to watch TV.

Some homes where TV rules are not strict enough, children also start to watch TV serials along with their mothers. As a result, they develop an interest in the ongoing saas bahu conspiracies. As parents, this is the worst thing you have to deal with in future if you don’t introduce some rules. This is the very beginning of the TV addiction. Ask yourself this question: Can you stop watching your favorite TV series? Obviously not. But you’re an adult and understand your priorities, children don’t.

  • Encourage them for outdoor sports

Not only to stop them from being a couch potato, but also for other various reasons you should get them to play outdoors. I need not enlighten the fact that obesity is touching the new highs around the world. Repercussions of obesity are countless: diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, to name a few. Also, lack of proper nutrients and exercise does not really help your children in their brain development. Make sure studies and outdoors sports top the list of to-do things in your child’s day.

The best and sustainable way to do this to talk with your kids. Talk with them about the importance of physical activities, nutrition, etc. Also, tell them about the serious health problems people have because they don’t have an active lifestyle. You can find countless examples around to show exactly what they will become if they don’t go out and play, and eat good food.

  • Have all the meals together, at the dining table

If you’re trying to make your kid turn off the TV, then don’t serve them anything to eat at all while they’re watching TV. Make a rule to eat together at the dining table. This way, your child has to turn off the TV and come to the table to eat, and that is exactly the best time to have a good conversation. All the lessons you want to teach them, such as the importance of physical activities, nutrition, studies, personality development etc, you can do that while you’re having a meal. More conversation with your kids mean more knowledge you have about their school life, play life etc.

You can find out if they are loving the school or not, whether or not the child is being bullied, whether or not he/she is understanding the new topic in math. If you know a lot about your kids, you will be able to take appropriate steps. You will know exactly how they can listen to you, by knowing as a friend. The more time they (children) spend talking to you, the more chances you have to stop your child from becoming a couch potato.

  • Make them learn new skills

When children have nothing to do, after completing all their homework and outdoor games, they will definitely want to spend the rest of the day in front of a TV. You can make them learn guitar at home, or dance, singing, self-defense or anything else they like so that the extra hours can be put to a better use. Skills are essential for the overall development of a person, and they are best learned when a person is young. This is by far the best way to stop your child from becoming a couch potato.

What’s great is, now you can get a home teacher for almost anything from our home tuition website or the home tuition app. Apart from skills, Qriyo also offers 500+ courses that can be learned at home. If your child is weak in academics, you can get a home tutor for mathematics or any other subject to bring them up to speed. With Qriyo guru’s personal attention, your child can overcome any weakness he might be facing at school. Improve their grades and skills to make a better version of themselves.

It all comes down to how you raise your child, by doing the above-mentioned things for a continued period of time your child will a productive schedule for the day and will put a check on their screen time. Video games do contribute to their brain development, but they should also have a daily time limit like TV. You need responsible parenting skills to stop your child from becoming a couch potato.