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Story Of Qriyo | How everything started with lots of whys

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It was early June 2015. Mudit wanted to learn Yoga and Dance in his morning free time before the office. He decided to search for classes & tutors on the internet. Mudit remembers that he found thousands of results, but to his surprise on further investigation he found that those thousand results led to almost nothing. That left Mudit’s entrepreneurial mind with some serious questions. Why can’t a teacher come to my home? Why can’t I know about the teacher before I take a class?  Why there are so many tech-enabled aggregators and no provider? Why can’t the information found online be more reliable? How can I trust a complete stranger? Why there is a huge difference in class charges ?

He wondered there must be more people like him asking the same question. But what he did not understand was why such a universal problem had no strong solution yet. He smelled an opportunity in the series of whys. Together with Rishabh, his IIT Bombay colleague he started looking for an answer and came up with a solution named Qriyo. India’s first courses at home provider that has grown to over 300+ courses available at home.



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Mudit says “ With the current model finding a suitable teacher, at right time and price is as difficult as finding a diamond among the coal. With Qriyo, a person can easily find a course of his choice. The course comes with a professionally designed curriculum, Qriyo verified instructor and monitoring tools. We do not believe in aggregating thousands of teachers. We rather believe in quality services, customer support and fun learning experience.  Apart from that we also want to reduce teacher hiring time for institutions and school by our unique evaluation system.  The long-term plan is to become the de-facto place for learning based services.”Qriyo has built a robust platform to offer a variety of courses from a lot of different categories.  The problem that Qriyo is trying to solve is of teacher discovery, evaluation, reliability among others. Qriyo is also providing an opportunity to freelancers to further hone their skill and earn simultaneously.  

Qriyo has devised an interesting process for onboarding teachers or Gurus as they call them. They follow a unique 4 step tutor evaluation process. At first, the teacher has to go through Qriyo evaluation test, which includes their behaviour and personality test followed by testing of  subject knowledge. Secondly, Document verification is done followed by their social profiling. Last but not the least a series of personal interview is done over a personal meeting or over Skype by category experts.  The evaluation process is undertaken by a dedicated team and apart from personal interview, everything else is automated. Intelligent machine learning algorithms are employed in the evaluation process. It is worth noting that only 20 out of 100 interviewed teachers makes the cut.


story of qriyo


Presently the market is flooded with aggregators. The customer has to search, discover, call, confirm and negotiate. This model only solves the problem of discovery and that too with half-baked information. The core problem of teacher matching, reliability, security, customer support and monitored learning remains unsolved. Besides aggregator model is too time-consuming for customers. Qriyo has the solution which offers systematic learning, course driven approach and safety. The information it gathers helps in better matchmaking, faster teacher hiring time, increased security. Qriyo is currently operation in ‘Pink city’ Jaipur and ‘Blue city Jodhpur‘. Qriyo currently has 700+ Verified teachers in 19 diverse categories from and 300+ Active customers. With the recently launched app, Qriyo plans to expand to Delhi by June end.