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Learn about Stress Management for students

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Stress, a negative word as it sounds. However, it comprises of two types. One says that stress must prevail, in order to let the person perform better. The condition being that the stress shouldn’t exceed the threshold. Another type of stress occurs after the brain crosses the threshold. Well, I won’t discuss today the theories of stress. Instead, I would like to help my student readers with some tips to shoo away the stress factors from their lives! I hope the stress management for students given below really helps.

Psychology has made a conviction that the way we deal with stress and not the stress we come across effects our health. In other words, we must orient students with problem-solving skills to help them manage the stress. So, quickly follow some of the tricks to cope with stress and help yourself excel in life! Before that, I would like to make a note the overthinking is the basic stressor.

Following hacks are useful for stress management for students

  • Strategize:

It involves one to understand the stressing factor and derive some probable outcomes of the same. In pursuit of the same, learn to prioritize the events. Also with this, I recommend you to think well before acting by undergoing above mentioned steps. Example, setting a daily schedule to abide strictly.

  • Control your emotions:

Stress management for students

“If you can’t handle your emotions, you can’t even handle success”

Stress affects emotions for sure. Therefore, one should learn to control emotions like anger, frustration etc. Managing them is easy with steps like exercises, yoga or maybe meditation. Example, Aamir Khan in the movie excellently controlled his emotions by consoling with “Aal izz well”. After all, some great person has said this “If you can’t handle your emotions, you won’t be able to handle success either. Leave it to the big players rather!”

  • Avoid unwanted problems:

Problems here can be the things that are less probable to happen and still if one stresses himself/herself by overthinking. Coping with stress by avoiding such situations proves to be helpful. Example, on not being able to sleep at night, instead of thinking of reasons behind the same, one can call up a friend or maybe do some boring stuff to fall asleep. This indeed becomes the most important among the stress management for students.

  • Relaxation techniques:

Stress is a silent killer. It causes various diseases that can be chronic too. Usually relaxing the body from the toe tip to the head is the technique to rest the body. Along with the same, deep breathing, massages, loosening clothes also aids. Exercise is also a key to relaxation techniques.

  • Meditation:

Stress management for students

Meditate regularly to boost a healthy lifestyle!

To bring out the different method of consciousness, this yogic method serves a great help. It calms the body and mind, directing the attention to one particular path of light.

  • Know your body:

We must be well aware of the figure of certain parameters like BP rate, Heart rate, Weight, BMI etc. Controlling them shall help in leading a healthy life.

  • Creativity:

Yet my favorite way of coping with the challenge is to draw creative ways to deal with the same. Imagination is a great tool to serve. So people, come up with funnier and new ideas to handle a stressful situation. I guarantee that shall help. I am sure this acts well as a major one among stress management for students.

  •  Build a stress Resistant personality:


Stress management for students

Be strong enough to be resistant completely to stressors.

How good a life skill it would be when one shall be confident in not gaining stress at all, no matter what. Psychology says to follow the three Cs in life namely, Challenge, Commitment and control during stressful circumstances.

  • Learn life skills:

There are some important life skills students should learn before actually facing the life’s challenges. Some among them are time management, assertiveness, rational thinking, improving relationships, overcoming bad habits, and the importance of all, following a healthy diet. One can handle the mental stress also by being positive, and grasping good social support.

  • Be intrinsically motivated:

Stress management for students

The word impossible itself says I M possible!

The best way eagle avoids the problem of getting wet in the rain is by flying above the clouds! Similarly, doing things that you are comfortable with, will help to avoid problems. However, this won’t prove the fact wrong that in order to achieve something, you will have to come out of your comfort zone. So step wisely. After all, its just one life and you need to live it as every day is your last.

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