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Qriyo App Update | Get A Home Tutor in 15 minutes

Alok Trivedi 0

Today, we are so thrilled to launch a revolutionary Qriyo App Update which would take the education sector to a new level altogether. Today, we are launching “Real Time Guru Tracking” with which you will be able to track your Guru in real-time. Moreover, the Guru will reach your home in just 15 minutes.

Qriyo App - For Learners

Here’s how you can book a course with Qriyo App –

  1. Choose a course you want to learn from 300+ Courses.
  2. Fill your basic details so we can schedule a demo.
  3. Click Track Guru to track your Guru in real time.
  4. Your Guru reaches your home in just 15 minutes.

Qriyo Guru Update

You can additionally WhatsApp or Call your Guru from the maps screen. The new feature is now available to download on our latest apps on Google Play and App Store.