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4 Reasons why should teachers stop spoon feeding children?

Mandeep Gill 0

There are two types of students found in every class. The ones who are ahead of what’s being taught in class and the ones who study exactly what is being taught. The former are more likely to develop their personality and become intellectual. By being ahead of the class, I don’t mean they must be going to coaching centers. What I really mean is, when the study really interests them, they no longer see it as something to clear the exam for. They study it because they want to. Only when teachers stop spoon feeding children, they will learn to love what are they are supposed to do.

Let me ask you a question: If you want to know why did world war I happen, what will you do? You will obviously fire up google, and start reading about it from a reliable website. And if it interests you maybe you’ll buy a good book written on world war I. After finishing your reading, you can definitely explain to someone about the events that lead to world war I. But can a school student explain to you the same thing, which is part of their history subject? A few would but not all. You were able to explain world war I because it was your choice to know about it in the first place. You were curious to read about it. But school students are generally not curious about studies, let alone history.

What good is knowledge if you can’t really use it? School students perceive study as something to get it over with and clear the exams. Ask your child whether he/she remembers a certain chapter of history or any subject from their previous grade. If they are able to tell you more than just one topic, then maybe your child doesn’t just study to clear the exams. They actually take interest in their studies. But, a majority of children will have a tough time remembering the concepts from the last grade. Why should teachers stop spoon feeding children and why parents should also stop this practice has some big reasons you might want to give some thought.

These are the reasons why should teachers stop spoon feeding children


teachers stop spoon feeding children


  • Creativity gets killed

If the teacher is always the one doing the hard work for children, how can they become creative? Thinking out of the box takes birth when a child applies its own mind and takes help from none. Of course, children do need teaching, but there has to be a line drawn as to what extent a teacher is helping children. A teacher’s job is to make children find interest in what they are being taught. Rest of the path should be walked by children on their own.

  • Knowledge is nothing if they don’t know how to use it

When a student is able to explain to you why did world war I take place, it means he/she took immense interest in history lessons at school. Not only for clearing exams, but also for increasing their knowledge. A teacher should not only teach them in a manner that is interesting to pay attention to but should also conduct vivas, regular discussions, debates, presentations, etc. In order to do well in those areas, students really have to work hard, that’s when teachers stop spoon feeding children.

If they’re already working hard and struggling, let them. Your help might reduce their time but it won’t give them a chance to explore and refine their own knowledge. You already taught them everything in class, now the ball is in their court. Let them take their shot and give their best in the viva. Let them make mistakes, correct them, give them another task.By simply reading, memorizing and writing exams won’t add to their knowledge. When teachers stop spoon feeding children, they start to evolve.

  • They should know how to learn

Not every time someone’s going to be there to help them get through. Teachers should not make children dependent on them, they should only guide them along the way.  And also let them find their own way. The more trouble they go through during their childhood, the more chances of them becoming an independent person. Trouble in school life transforms children into intelligent beings. When they start college, they should not feel helpless after knowing that the new teachers aren’t like school teachers. The very reason college teachers aren’t like school teachers is that students are expected to get their hands dirty, instead of getting help everytime.

College teachers can be mentors who will guide them. But those mentors expect equal or more efforts from the students. Nothing will be served to them ready to eat. School life is a high time when teachers stop spoon feeding children and let them do some hard work.

  • Ideas take birth when one does the hard work

If as a teacher, you taught quadratic equations or percentages or any other topic to your students. With plenty of examples, you showed them how to solve various questions. You did everything a good teacher does, now it’s time for them go self-study, understand what you taught them and practice some questions themselves. Here’s what you should do the next day:

You should assign some new questions to them, which they didn’t see the day before. Of course, they will have trouble solving them, instead of helping right at that time, give those questions for homework. Tell them that the basics that were taught to them yesterday will be enough to solve these new questions. They just have to figure out how to use those basics effectively. They will brainstorm for the entire day and will come up with more than one way to solve a problem. The objective of this exercise was to bring students closer to the roots of any topic.

In their future, they won’t be given direct problems to solve. The problems come in twisted forms, and if the student has tested those waters already, it won’t cause them much trouble to solve the alien problem.

They should not always say, “That’s how my teacher taught me to solve this”. Instead, they should say, “I found 2 additional ways of solving a problem, thanks to the homework given by my teacher”. That’s how they get new ideas, not just in studies, but also in every activity that involves their own hard work.

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