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5 things to learn from Taare Zameen Par

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Our media undoubtedly plays a major role in our generation’s lives. This fact leads to bollywood and the Indian cinemas to produce movies that should motivate our younger generations to live an ideal life. Apparently, research says, movies motivate to a great extent in decision making of both the parents and students! Keeping this in mind, Aamir Khan in 2007 directed and casted along with Darsheel Safarey in a blockbuster movie called Taare Zameen Par.

Also titled as Little Stars on earth, this movie has particularly centred a kid who is suffering dyslexia, however is a great daydreamer and painter! The focus is majorly on how we adults miss out the innocence, freeness, enthusiasm and our kid’s interests just because they won’t earn them pennies! The film makes have very well understood the need to teach our competitive generation. Such a sensitive, vast and meaningful message this picture is able to convey to those with such mentalities like that of Ishaan’s parents.

After watching the movie, we all would be satisfied for sure the teachings this movie revealed. But here we bring you reflections this movie can force you to remove the stigma of creating generations ‘race-winning rats’. Realizing this carries utmost priority because humans are responsible to make this Earth a better place to live in. And in the same, young generation plays one of the major roles. Moreover, we see around us people struggling to make money, discriminating their talents and interests. After all, doing what interests us the most will make our job more fuitful.

1. Daydreaming is not bad. This is just making your kid creative!

Gone are the times when the kids used to be scared of asking questions to parents. Instead during those times, children used to find solutions to their curiosities all by their own, by thinking deep. This is completely lost in this generation. Today the kids prefer asking their elders their doubts. They neglect thinking. This can violate their skills to utilise their brains. In such a time if your kid is found daydreaming you should be happiest, for you have given birth to a unique thought!

2. Ridiculing a kid may be disastrous.

There persists a saying that the stricter the parents, the bigger liars their kids turn out to be. When adults beat or scold or disrespect kids, they lose confidence. They find themselves being losers in life. This brings in depression. They somewhere begin losing their true colors. Just as in this movie Ishaan on being treated such develops a mentality that only kids not good to their parents or kids who are too naughty are sent to the boarding schools! Children must be taught democracy that is getting along each other. And such attitude by elders would isolate them.

3. Understanding kids are very easy and essential.

They are pure, sweet, and their environment reflects in them. This makes children very easy to understand. Their thoughts, their actions all are enough to make one entertaining. This is why understanding them is never difficult. All one needs to do is to observe, expose them to experiences and knowledge. The best way is to channel their energies into something that gives them pleasure and is productive. To see the change in the world, one needs to be the change after all.

4. Investing a little love shall reap beautiful outcomes.

Every relationship demands time and attention. The right amount of attention as the movie teaches, and communication can make simple humans, stars! Kids especially have no ego. They wouldn’t demand your efforts either. But being adults this call out for our duty to ourselves provide them that. This will boost their self-esteem.

5. Education is a fun process, and not a boring exercise.

The motto behind education was not to make machines, but to grow beautiful human beings. This movie portrays that be that be parents be that be teachers or the people effecting a child’s atmosphere, winning doesn’t leave more impact than learning does. The film has lots to do with special abilities of child that should be discovered and encouraged. Good grades are just outcomes and the fact is, ‘safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi’!!

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