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8 Tips to Balance Sports and Studies. #3 can change your life

Shweta Singh 0

  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.I read this quote in school long back. Lack of physical activity indeed makes you a lethargic person. So some physical activity is must for a good health. With increasing competition and career-oriented parents, it is difficult to convince them of the same. One of my cousins’ son goes to school at 9 am in the morning, comes back at 4 in the evening and then goes for tuition for 3 hours. No physical activity and no sports. It is easy to manage sports and studies. Also, Sports and Studies are equally important.Here are some Tips to balance Sports and Studies:

8 Tips to Balance Sports and Studies

  1.  Prioritise and plan:

    Ask yourself what is important to you and what interests you. If you have more interest in sports then decide to give up on TV programmes and cartoons for a later time. You can simply finish your important work first like sports and studies and then watch cartoons if time is available.This will also inculcate a pattern of rewarding yourself when you stick to the schedule which will further help you enjoy the task of achieving things on time.It will also help you to prioritize things from the beginning.

  2. Make a timetable:

    With competing demands placed on your time, you must plan your known time table accordingly. Plan your school time, game and practice time, and also travel time to and from school, as well as travel time to and from sports practices and events. Now, these are your known times. For example, if your entire known time calculates to around 10 hours then you have 14 hours remaining. You have to do your homework as well as sleep in these 14 hours so plan these 14 hours effectively.

  3. Avoid time wasters:

    Try to stay as close as possible to your school or take admission in a school which is close to your home to cut on transportation time.Learn to say “no” to distractions.(Facebook?Instagram?Whatsapp? You know what I am talking about and don’t even get me started on YouTube. We Indians are number one video consumers in Asia)

  4. Plan your week/month:

    Look at your calendar. Note when you have projects due, tests scheduled, and practices and games scheduled. Plan how you will study and when you will study.Stick to your plan religiously.

  5. Do not procrastinate:

    Do assignments and homework as soon as you get them. Delaying them to the last minute will do only harm. Poor planning and waiting until the last minute will result in missed practices or missed games.It will also lead to piling of studies which in turn will increase the stress.

  6. Do not get behind:

    This pertains to homework, schoolwork, grades, or sports practices.It is best to stay ahead of schoolwork to avoid stress and getting burnt out. If you can manage to try to stay ahead by some margin.

  7. Do not ignore warning signs:

    Falling asleep in class, losing interest in your studies or becoming irritable and unable to concentrate are important warning signs.Remember that your body needs rest. Don’t overwork yourself as this will lead to poor performance in both sports and studies.

  8. Remember your purpose:

    You are not doing this without any reason. Keep reminding yourself why you want this or what is your purpose. This will help you keep motivated in the long run. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goals.If you follow these Tips to Balance Sports and Studies you may be the allrounder of your class.

Balancing sports and studies won’t be a problem if you manage to ignore distractions and identify black holes that suck up on your time. Look at the bigger picture, sports and studies contribute more to your life than TV and social media. So these were some effective tips to balance sports and studies.

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