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Top 10 good schools in Ajmer for child’s overall development

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A city surrounded by mountains so close that you can wake up early in the morning and gaze at their mesmerizing beauty. The famous Brahma temple and dargah are also situated in this city. Besides being a tourist place, this city also offers good schools that are now increasingly focusing on quality education. As the data suggests, overall quality education is improved in Rajasthan by at least 8-20% during the last two years. That data clearly indicates that there are good schools in Rajasthan, let alone good schools in Ajmer.

A good school focuses on extra-curricular activities, practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. What is the point in memorizing how electricity flows if a child is not able to make a simple electric circuit?  All these schools focus on inculcating important values and making your child an all-rounder. Apart from academics, these schools also help develop the personality of your child, their ability to deal with pressure, and willingness to take risks and work hard.

Below are some of the good schools in Ajmer you can consider for your child’s overall growth.

This is a simple list and not ranking of schools.

1. Mayoor School

good schools in ajmer

Founded in 1980, by the President of Mayo College General Council late H.H. Maharao Bhimsinghji, Mayoor school has since built up a reputation for providing quality education. Balanced growth of a child with a global outlook is their mission, which can clearly be seen from their cultural events and extra-curricular activities. If you want your child to not just memorize but to apply, enjoy, and grow, this school is among the good schools in Ajmer you can go for. This one has everything important facility for every age group.


  • Sports infrastructure: 






  • Library
  • Infirmary
  • Music School
  • Art school
  • Performance stage
  • Science and CIE block

2. Sophia Senior Secondary School

good schools in ajmer

Sophia school was founded in 1919 and is managed by mission sisters of Ajmer. It is a girls school and is open for admission to every girl irrespective of religion. Sophia schools have a great reputed presence in various cities across North India. Just like Mayoor, Sophia school also believes in the balanced development of a child that includes academic performance as well as extra-curricular activities. Therefore, this one is also among the good schools in Ajmer that you can consider for your child.


  • Activities for Kindergarten Section: Singing, dance, PT, playing.
  • Cultural events
  • Computer and science labs
  • Remedial classes for weaker students
  • Band and Orchestra
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Art and craft
  • Karate
  • PT, dance, and singing for primary and secondary sections.


3. Sanskriti School Ajmer

good schools in ajmer
Sanskriti school aims to provide a challenging and supportive environment for students to help them achieve highest standards which they are capable of. Be it academics or extracurricular, Sanskriti school has everything a child requires for a growing mind and body. That is why it is a must in the list of good schools in Ajmer.


  • Infirmary
  • Amphitheatre for plays, orchestra, choir, and presentations
  • Information is sent to parents via phone/e-mail regarding child’s performance and whereabouts
  • Science, computer and math labs
  • Library
  • Art and craft studio
  • Dance and music studio
  • 400m race track
  • Cricket, football, hockey & horse riding, table tennis, and badminton
  • Basketball, volleyball and lawn tennis  courts
  • 25m long swimming pool
  • Squash courts and squash pool
  • Multi-gym

4. Ryan International School


good schools in ajmer

The Ryan group started their first school in 1976 and today it has a total of 135+ schools across 18 states of India. With a proven track record of qualitative learning, the school is surely among the good schools in Ajmer.  They believe in The KASSM approach, Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values. All of these things are equally important for Ryan school as well as for parents. Like the above-mentioned schools, this one also has to offer a plethora of facilities needed for KASSM approach. Ryan schools also send students to Indian Model United Nations (INMUN) where delegates from 120 countries come together and put efforts to resolve issues in the world.


  • Co-Curricular Activities

– INMUN Indian Model United Nations
– ICFPA- International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts
– ICEPLEX a Ryan Media Initiative
– BBN Beyond Breaking News – Journalism
– NASA Trip
– Social Service Teen Camp
– Competitive Exams : ISO, IMO

  • Academic

    – Activity-based learning
    – Well equipped computer labs
    – Well maintained and updated library
    – Physics, chemistry and Biology Laboratory


    – Training for Football
    – Basket and Handball ground
    – Indoor game block for Table tennis, Chess
    – Judo and skating
    – Active Participation in DSO, MSSA, MSDAA, AISM


5. Delhi Public School Ajmer


good schools in ajmer


Delhi Public schools feel that it is their responsibility that their student should be able to adapt as per future trends with overall personality development and academic performance. This responsibility itself speaks about the school. If we are talking about good schools in Ajmer then every parameter for child’s learning and development should be covered. DPS does their best to make your child achieve his/her maximum potential and skills.


  • Infirmary
  • Horse riding
  • Library
  • Basketball court
  • Gym
  • Computer and science labs
  • Smart classrooms
  • Big playground
  • Music studio
  • Gaming zone for small kids
  • Cultural events (plays, dance, etc)
  • Art and craft


6. St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School

good schools in ajmer

It was formed in 1940 by the name “St. Anselm’s Annexe” as it was in the St. Anselm’s campus. Today, run by Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Ajmer (Rajasthan) through its member priests, St. Paul’s school has made a commendable contribution towards helping lacs of students achieve their maximum potential and have a lucrative career in whatever field they like. Only academics excellence is no longer demanded in today’s world. One has to be smart, innovative, and think out of the box. The schools teaching methods are aimed at producing future leaders who are easily adaptable to change.


  • Physics/Chemistry/Bio/Maths/Geography Labs
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Smart classes
  • Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Activity room
  • Music, Art, and craft.


7. St. Mary’s Convent School

good schools in ajmer

Like Sophia, Saint Mary’s is also a Christian minority educational institution, and the very first. St. Mary’s has been in existence for over 121 years, carrying a proven track record success. It is also a girls school open for admissions to all girls irrespective of religion. Their motto is LET THE LIGHT SHINE, light of truth, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, love, and charity at all times and everywhere. Your child will be taught moral values and their importance, that much is pretty clear from the motto itself. Besides this, they also believe in overall development including academics, practical applications, physical fitness, sports, extra-curricular etc. Their teaching methods are designed in a way that prepares your child to become a future leader.


  • Science Block
  • Computer labs
  • Library
  • Leadership activities participation
  • Cultural activities
  • Sports
  • Playground
  • Art and craft
  • Music, plays, drama, etc.

8. St. Stephen’s Sr. Sec. School

good schools in ajmer

This school also cannot miss a spot in the “good schools in Ajmer” list. Qualitative learning, and not a mere promotion to the next class is ensured at St. Stephen’s Sr. Sec. School. They have 6 simple core values:

Self Discipline
Mutual Respect
Pursuit of Excellence
Learning for Life
Environmental Management


  • 3114.7 square meters playground area
  • Indoor games
  • Dance rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Health and medical checkup
  • Sexual Harassment Committee
  • Separate Libraries for primary and secondary sections
  • Cultural activities
  • Computer and science labs
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor games (Basketball Cricket, Volleyball, etc)

9. Presidency School, Ajmer

good schools in ajmer

Presidency school strives to provide best possible resources to students for their academic and non-academic success in future. Teaching them social and moral values, making them future-proof with dynamic leadership lessons are also among their top priorities. And the most important thing, applying the logics practically is focused on. This is what all good schools in Ajmer focus on. Their seven Cs are Creativity, challenge, communication, caring, community, consistency, and contribution.


  • Toy room
  • Outdoor play area
  • Technology Enabled Classroom for Better E-Learning
  • Music and Dance Studio
  • Art and Craft Studio
  • Junior Infotech Centre
  • Junior Library
  • Science, math, computer and language labs
  • Medical facilities
  • Counselling centre
  • Horse riding
  • Tight security with employee background checks and safety drills
  • Indoor games (carrom, table tennis, chess etc)
  • Outdoors games (cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, hockey, swimming, athletics and more)
  • Martial Arts
  • Skating
  • Cultural events
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Theatre, photography, pottery and other visual performances

10. St. Anselm’s Sr. Sec. School

good schools in ajmer


Not just in Ajmer, St. Anselm’s has a good name in numerous Indian cities. Therefore one of the good schools in Ajmer includes this name. Quality education is their utmost priority and with a special focus on character building. They want the students to reach the pinnacle of what they desire to do in life. Exposing them to various extra-curricular activities and sports is what they believe essential for overall development of a person. Good schools in Ajmer and even in Rajasthan have a true understanding of what is required for child’s overall development.


  • Computer, science labs
  • AV room
  • Hall
  • Open air stage
  • Medical facility
  • Table tennis among other indoor games
  • Instant SMS to parents
  • Basketball courts (2) among other sports
  • Purified water
  • Cultural events
  • Music, art, and dance


You have the top 10 good schools in Ajmer. If you have moved to Ajmer and looking for a perfect school for your kid, we hope our post helped you to narrow down your search. Finding the right school is crucial, just like finding the right home tutor is crucial. Every child has his own strengths and weaknesses, sometimes, the child is not able to overcome his weakness in school. Don’t let that weakness become a big problem in future, get an academic home tutor for your child, with his personal attention and consistency, your child can keep all the subjects together and score well. Qriyo also offers home tutors for extra-curricular activities. If your child likes to sing or play guitar, get a music home tutor with whose help your child can surely win competitions in school.

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