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Top 4 ICSE schools in Udaipur for a holistic development

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Each one of us desires to seek education from a good background. Well, the process starts right from the childhood itself. Moreover, it becomes the parents’ duty to find their kids a good school to study. Therefore, we bring you today ICSE schools of Udaipur that shall surely help you study in this beautiful city. Also, I am sharing most of the details about the school. Hence, I hope reading this blog shall surely help you out. So dear parents who wish their kids to study from the ICSE board, here are a list of some best ICSE schools in Udaipur.

ICSE schools in Udaipur:

  • Witty International School, Nathdwara road:

ICSE schools in Udaipur

The 4 acres campus which has a beautiful infrastructure is soon going to switch to ICSE. Actually, there are several institutions all over India and one intellectual branch here. Moreover, this school has affiliation so far from CBSE which will be changing soon. And it is how this is making the school a great one to choose. There are around 150 staffs for over 700 students. Download Witty International School brochure here for more details.

  • Adinath Public school, Hiran Magri:

Another platform for educational growth is this school which has an ICSE affiliation. They develop their kids not just academically but also in sports and co-curricular. We all look for schools that shall keep our children safe, and homely. Hence this is where you must enroll them in. Well, the best part is that they also help the socially deprived students also. Along with the great infrastructure, the kids grow up into ideal personalities.

  • Devi Annapurna Vidya Mandir, Hiran Magri:

Yet another excellent academic institute is here. We all demand to step up with the modern era. Hence, the school has come up with very new amenities like Audio Visual rooms for classroom teaching. You will also indulge your kids at a good level and variety of sports. Therefore, they help your kids develop in so many ways. This is what makes the school one of the best ICSE schools in Udaipur.

  • Leo International School, Dangpada:

ICSE schools in Udaipur

Welcome the world where your child will learn to live a lifetime. The school aims to teach their students to excel as global citizens. Also that the co-educational school provides a great platform for extracurricular activities like music and dance. So if you wish for your kid to excel both academically and by learning new skills, this place is certainly meant for you. Download Leo International school brochure here.

I hope its now easier for my readers to give their children the best. Let me remind the parents aspiring admission to such schools that they demand admission test and good students. Hence, I recommend the parents to provide their students the right tutor who shall enlighten their future. Download our home tuition app now or simply log on to our home tuition website.