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Top 5 Biology books for class 11th to prepare well

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Studying biology in class 11th forms the foundation for our careers in the field. Actually, medical is the best career option, both socially and economically. However, there are diverse other options that biology books can get us through. Most of all, a student gets more aware and is able to make better consumer decisions too. In fact, there are many Biology Books for class 11th in the market. But too many options always bring in confusions. This brings in the need of studying the subject in every detail. Furthermore, preparing for boards becomes a priority!

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Here are the Top 5 Biology Books for class 11th:

  • NCERT biology textbook class 11

top 5 biology book
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NCERT biology comes as a textbook for several curriculums like CBSE. The book is absolutely trustworthy for its content and is recommended for Indian students. This book is followed by many other reference books in terms of the syllabus.  The book has 5 sections as per NCERT norms, which provides insight knowledge of the syllabus. With all this, the book ranks on number one among the other best biology books.

Price~ Rs. 200
  • Trueman’s elementary biology vol.-I

Written by M.P Tyagi and K.N. Bhatia

top 5 biology book
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Yet one other great biology books for class 11th is Elementary Biology by Trueman. A comprehensive book comes with easy language and guides the reader to best possible knowledge about a topic. One such book is this Trueman publication. The syllabus is elaborated with descriptive pictures and questions of several categories like High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). This book shall prepare one for various competitive examinations.

Price~ Rs. 600 if ordered online.


  • Modern ABCs Biology part I and II class 11

Written by- Dr. B.B. Arora, A.K. Sabbarwal

top 5 biology book
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Modern’s ABC is an all-time favorite book for teachers and students. This book follows NCERT pattern strictly along with the new updates by CBSE. Biology books for class 11th provide ample knowledge. Moreover, this book will guide better for concept understanding with elaborative pictures and facts. Also, there are sections at the end of every chapter for competitions too. Not just this, the publishers provide CDs especially relevant for visual learning of the course.

Price~ Rs. 1000 if ordered online.
  • Dinesh Companion Biology class XI

Written by K. Bhatti

top 5 biology books for class 11th
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Dinesh is next to such brands that ensure the reader to affirm the knowledge it wants to provide. Along with fully solved solutions, sample papers, and competitive exam guidance, the book delivers easy language for better understanding. It comes with many Value Based Questions, HOTS(Higher Order Thinking Skills), and around 3500 Multiple Choice Questions that are not found easily in all biology books. Among all the recent top books, Dinesh’s book has its own uniqueness. You can read the book easily, which will help you in a better understanding of the concepts. Above all, the book provides you not only the practical knowledge but also the theoretical knowledge, which is most noteworthy.

Price~ Rs. 960 if bought online


  • Oswaal books series

top 5 biology books for class 11th
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This book contains Sample papers, question banks, previous year papers, notes etc. Consequently, solving previous years papers serves a great help. Therefore, this book is a recommended material to study for the last 2-3 months before exams. Moreover,  Oswaal’s biology books contain content the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan recommends for students. Hence, this counts in the list of best biology books for class 11th.

Price~Rs.360 if bought online.

Concludingly, the biology books for class 11th mentioned above have been listed according to their usefulness as per a research. I hope this shall help you.

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