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Top 5 Dance Classes In Mumbai

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Dance is an age-old tradition in India. It is an integral part of every festive occasion. It is a way to express one’s feeling, sentiments, and emotions. Dance is an intricate art form which requires intense discipline, hard work as well as composure. It is an incredible recreational activity which has both physical and psychological benefits. Studies have shown that dance can control the production of lipids which eventually increases the level of good cholesterol and significantly reduces the level of bad one. Nowadays, due to advancing opportunities, dance is no longer a merry time activity. It is constantly molding itself into a full-fledged profession. Below – mentioned is the list of top 5 dance classes in Mumbai which will help you not only in learning diverse dance forms but also in extending a career in dance.


Here is the list of top 5 dance classes in Mumbai:

  • Conrad Coelho’s Dance Company

Established in the year 2006, Conrad Coelho’s Dance Company is a dance institute operating in several prominent areas of Mumbai. It offers a huge array of dance forms which include Modern Ballroom Latin American, and Club Dances such as Rumba, Jive, Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Bachata and much more! Thus it provides a complete blend of contemporary and classical dances. In addition, experienced and professional teachers are always there to train and illuminate the path of students.

  • Dancing Passions

Formed in 2007, dancing passions is one of the best dance institutes in Mumbai. There are 5 centers of dancing passions in Mumbai. The institute offers a vast variety of courses and dance forms such as hip-hop, salsa, Bollywood, freestyle and so on. It also conducts exclusive classes for ladies as well as for kids. Furthermore, dancing passions even organizes employees stress relief programmes so that they get an opportunity to get away from their busy lifestyle.
Telephone No- 9833220134, 9833911784

  •  Elevate Dance Institute

Awarded as the best dance academy, Elevate Dance Institute was established in the year 2008 by Nikhil Anand. The academy aims to hone the talents of its students and provide a platform to showcase their talent. With the mission to impart quality training in various dance forms, Elevate Dance Institute at Kharghar provides a professional atmosphere which stimulates the learning process. Dance enthusiasts can choose from different dance forms like hip-hop, salsa, rock n roll, Bollywood etc. Based on different age groups separate batches are created so that best possible training can be provided.

Telephone No.- +(91)-22-27563522 or +(91)-7700991199.

  • Deep Dance Academy

Deep Dance Academy is a revered dance institute located near Dadar West, Mumbai and established by Deep Metha. Their major aim of the institute is to create awareness among people about the illustrious forms of dance. It provides professional and stimulating surroundings so that students can get a little gist of the actual environment. In addition, it also conducts annual dance events in which students get an opportunity to showcase their talent. This eventually gives a real boost to their confidence.
Telephone No:- +9122-24225124

  • Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Art is the most appropriate place for all those who want to learn a variety of dance forms. It was established in the 2007 and in less than two years it became one of the fastest growing dance academies in Mumbai. Sumeet Nagdev Dance Art is currently operating in 2 divisions. It not only runs planned and organized programs and courses for the community but also choreographs, ideates and creates artistic productions. Furthermore, the institute is expanding its campaigns to other parts of the country.
Telephone No:- +91 – 9920111033

Dance is the most prominent art form in every community.  It is particularly useful for those who want to get into shape but dislikes workout. So, dance is a funfilled exercise which eventually leads to a holistic development of mind and body. Searching for dance guru who can teach admirable dance forms? Well, your search is over now because we provide you with skillful dance teachers. We are India’s first managed home tuition app. Book your first home tutor and enjoy your very first class today. Visit our home tuition website, Qriyo.