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Top 4 music classes in Ajmer for your child

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The city surrounded by serene mountains not only offers some quality education but also has some great music schools. As I have mentioned in my last post (good schools in Ajmer), that child’s overall development do not just require academic success. Your child needs to have skills, those skills will differentiate him from the rest of the crowd. And who knows, childhood hobbies can sometimes set a path for a career. Top 4 music classes in Ajmer will surely help to narrow down your search for a perfect music school for your child.

Top 5 music classes in Ajmer


music classes in ajmer


This is a simple list and not a comparative rank analysis

  • Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

You name the instrument and they have got a teacher for you. Guitar teacher in Ajmer and other expert teachers for keyboard, tabla, harmonium, congo, drum, or even dholak. Not only instruments, they also teach vocals which makes them one of the singing classes in Ajmer.

  • Indian Idol Academy

As the name suggests, they teach vocals along with instruments needed to sing. You can easily get good guitar classes in Ajmer at Indian Idol Academy. Teaching your child vocals at an early age increases the chances of success in the area. This is the place you should go if you want your child grasp singing and the very basics of it. Years of track record and great teachers suggest that definitely deserve a spot in top 4 music schools in Ajmer

  • Lakshita Dance Craft Academy

It is not only a music school but also a dance academy. Just like Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, they also teach all the instruments ranging from guitar, keyboard, tabla, drums, congo, dholak, etc. The good thing about this institute is, you have one place to learn 2 different things, music and dance. As parents, we know you do not want your child to learn just 1 skill, and they shouldn’t be restricted to 1 thing. In order to discover your child’s hidden talent, you need to expose them to various extra-curricular activities. Well, in this case, you need to pick 2 places for that, just 1 would suffice. Music classes in Ajmer are capable of much more than music.

  • Shri Rajputana Music House & School

Having 2 branches, one in Jaipur and the other one in Pushkar, Rajputana music specializes in both western and Indian classical singing as well as all the instruments. Your child will be in hands of well educated, experienced and talented teachers.


Skill is something parents want their child to have. These music schools in Ajmer can definitely serve your purpose. Moreover, we do understand that you want more than just 1 skill for your child. That is why we, at Qriyo, provide 500+ different courses to be learned at home. Get singing classes in Ajmer or a home tuition in Ajmer for academics, you name the course and Qriyo has a home tutor in Ajmer for you.

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