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Top 11 new year resolutions for students. Try to follow 7th

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So the new year is right around the corner and everybody is busy making up their resolutions only to break them in the second week of January. Well, if that’s you, then I have got a list of new year resolutions for students. If you don’t break them, they may just change your life.

Top 10 new year resolutions for students

A new year resolution should a simple and much needed change in your life so that its easy to follow

  1. Early to bed and early to rise

    This year you can promise to not use smartphones during bedtime. Sleep and wake up on time. This is a simple new year resolution that can work wonders for you. Around 7 hours of sleep and you will have 17 hours of productivity. School students have to wake up early, but they do not necessarily sleep on time, as a result, less productivity and more lethargic behavior.

  2. Workout at least 4 times a week

    If you are waking up early, might as well go for a run outside. Those who do it will know that it gives a great kickstart for the day. Throughout the day you will stay energetic and alert. Moreover, your weight will stay managed. A workout can be either a gym workout or as simple as a 30 minutes aerobics session at home. You can also set yourself a goal to participate in maximum marathons in the new year. After a year, you will proud to see a bunch of medals that reflect your dedication.

  3. Learn something new

    The more skills you have, the more valuable and developed person you become. This new year, get a home tutor and start hobby classes at home. You can either learn guitar at home or a new language. With just giving 1 hour of your day, it does not seem like a resolution you can break, and before you know it, you will be expert in 2019.

  4. Make a reading target

    Even if you don’t have enough time during the day, just start reading at night before your bedtime. Not an ebook (it disrupts sleep), but a hard copy, that will also help you to sleep better. reading 2 books a month is a good target, you can bring it down to 1 book a month to get started. After a year, you will have read at least 12 books, and you will definitely know more than your friends. Along with books, you should also read newspapers (latest news and editorials at least), you will know their importance at a later stage, and trust me, you want to be prepared for that stage.

  5. Join an NGO

    Nothing feels better than contributing towards social welfare. You are surrounded by several NGOs in your city, just research and start volunteering. Even big institutions and organizations value a person who has volunteered in an NGO for a considerable amount of time. You always give something back to the society.

  6. Join a club

    It can be either a club in your college or an outside one. If you are already a member of any club, start participating more and try to gain a responsible position in it. Clubs help you develop leadership skills, communication, creativity, problem-solving skills. If you are looking to join one, take a look at Toastmasters club.

  7. Quit Smoking

    Yes, students smoke! If you are shocked by reading it, then you are a good kid. But a majority of students have been smoking at an early age, behind their parents’ back. If you are such student, and then try to make a new year resolution to quit smoking. Now, smoking is an addiction, and you cannot just stop having cigarettes in just day. So just promise yourself to quit it gradually, by decreasing and monitoring your consumption. Make targets, such as, “In one month I will cut my smoking by half”, “after 2 months, I will only be smoking alternate days”, etc. Just promise yourself to quit smoking before the next new year. It takes immense determination, but it’s not impossible. Afer all, you know what’s right and what’s wrong. Hence, this is one of the most important new year resolutions for students.

  8. Accomplish at least one thing you are scared to do

    I for one, am a really good swimmer. But, I can’t really make a good dive. Maybe this year I will push myself harder and learn to dive perfectly. Identify your areas of improvement and make a decision to beat your weaknesses, one at a time. After a year, you would laugh at your weakness that you beat. It is one of the crucial new year resolutions for students you should definitely¬†stick to.

  9. Make new connections

    You are an average of 5 persons you spend your most time with. At least 2 of them will be at your home (mom and dad). And the rest will be your friends that you know for a long time. But, your social life lacks new friends, new people. The world is filled with good, passionate people, try to make new connections, learn their stories and dreams. That is how you get exposure, new ideas, and improved soft skills. This new year, promise yourself to never let an opportunity pass you by. If you see a good person, either in your school/college or at some event, you go talk to them, just say “Hi” and you will know what to do next.

  10. Explore

    Have you seen your whole city/state? If not then its time to pack your bag and travel. This year, plan several trips during your holidays/weekends, no matter how far. It could be just 40 km outside your city, or a different state altogether. The goal is to see a lot of different places and experience different cultures. A person should travel the whole world before he takes his last breath. I bet this one of those new year resolutions for students you will want to follow.

  11. Pick one or more from above, and stick to them

    It is a waste of time, making up new year resolutions only to not stick to them for the whole year. So, it is important that you pick a resolution that you badly need, and willing to follow. Just know that you don’t get unlimited new years in life, so use your resolutions wisely. Let this new year be unforgettable, where you changed your life and learned something new. This one holds the most importance in the list of new year resolutions for students.


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